Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Israel: Helping to kill your kids for decades...

Read this first

Why should the USA care about this useless addition to the globe?

They are no more our ally than Iran. They kill our soldiers by proxy, based on their parranoid delusions and desire for global domination by the zionist right wingers.

Fuck 'em. They've got tons of nukes, let them blow each other up. I'm sick and tired of seeing my tax dollars slipped to Isreal to build walls and breed terrorists in Iraq with the illegal war they got us involved in over there.

The whole Palestinian and Arab world (read: Muslims) hate America cause we are Israel's biatch and keep supplanting their behavior. They don't hate our freedoms, they hate who and what we stand for.

Americans are the ones accused of America "hating" for the most part. This unilateral move by the White House to turn anyone that is not 'totally for bush' is an America hater. Now, people that defend the constitution are being accused of America hating.

Sad and trying times for America.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005



The inaction that France has taken is hardly indicative they have been harboring terrorists. Their lack of interest was mainly due to the unilateral decision to go into Iraq based on false information that was manipulated so to convince the American people that Iraq was somehow involved in the events of September 11th, 2001.

Near the time when America was searching for countries to participate in the "Coalition of the Willing", we had a very difficult time doing so. I'm sure you remember, most countries throughout the European Union were not interested in helping. Americans have been quite sour toward the French since the years following World War II and the fact that the French didn't want to help was only snowballed by the hatred the press pundits helped proliferate.

The French deal closely with Niger, who held solid intelligence, there was never a sale of enriched uranium (Yellow Cake). The unilateral movement America & the UK were supposedly involved in, was based on false intelligence and a "dead-set need" to go to war. This was shown earlier this year in the "Downing Street Memo" , where Tony Blair and Bush engaged in a secret meeting several months before to tie Saddam into the falsehood that he possessed weapons of mass destruction. All of which, the French wanted no part of.

Quick note: The gassing of the Kurds after the Kuwait war in the early 90's was done with support from the USA. The rumor that he (Saddam) was torturing people in his country was a farce and hypocrisy.

Now, depending on how much you've followed the news lately, you may have heard about how Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been indicted for conspiracy charges due to his involvement in the CIA Leak case. This investigation stemmed from the outing of a covert CIA agent named "Valerie Plame" (covert name) or, Valerie Wilson (real name). Ms. Plame's husband was sent to Niger by members of the CIA to investigate the possibility that Iraq was buying enriched uranium (Yellow Cake) from their government. Mr. Joseph Wilson learned, not only was that a total fabrication, as informed by the Niger government officials, the documents he found in America were complete forgeries and are the same documents the president gave to Congress to get permission for the war.

Outing Ms. Wilson was a way to vindictively destroy her career and expose her, doing so also put her life at risk as well as many other Americans. This was done because Joe Wilson was about to 'sing' about how these documents were horribly doctored forgeries and falsehood.

A little research into the testimony of George Galloway (Ministry of Defense, UK) will show that he also knew about the existence of the premature plan to invade Iraq, and knew about the falsified evidence. In his case, the government smeared him by saying he was selling oil futures to Saddam Hussein.

In Short, the administration lied to congress to get us into this war. These are highly indictable war crimes.

Ok, so. A lot of people are saying that Iraq is better off without Saddam. As of last Wednesday, the interim prime minister of Iraq said that the country is no better off today than they were with Saddam in power. The torture rooms have changed hands, we now control them. We, as a country, have recently heard much about how Dick Cheney believes we should be allowed to torture and, most importantly, the pictures are there to prove that we have been torturing. One big problem with that, The Geneva Conventions.

With a little research into the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act (2001), you will see that Congress passed special laws that supersede the Geneva Conventions to allow our government to hold someone in custody without counsel or trial. Several other parts of this "act" are being abused on a daily basis to infringe on OUR freedoms. All to protect us from terrorists while terrorizing the people of our own country.

Just last week, America admitted to using it's own weapon of mass destruction against the people of Iraq, a weapon that sprays a white phosphorus chemical down from a more elevated structure (usually a helicopter), onto a widespread area. On contact with human skin this chemical sets the skin afire, an inextinguishable fire regardless of contact with extinguishing substances such as water, the chemical continues to burn and the person either burns to death or is permanently scarred, somewhat similar to Napalm (another WMD). Fine, some say. BUT!! I don't agree with it, more civilians got injured than 'Insurgents'.

Ok. So. Who really was involved with the terrorists that were responsible for 9/11, you ask?

Another indictment you may have also heard about recently was Tom DeLay (R-Texas). This monumental indictment ensued from the investigation of Mr. DeLay's bribes and pay-offs. One of the most corrupt of these payoffs came from a scam he had running with the Republican National Convention, he was allegedly laundering money and campaign contributions through there. The people involved with the "investing" in Mr. DeLay's causes are also involved with another ongoing investigation into massive corruption, murder and even worse, involvement in the 9/11 terrorist bombing.

Jack Abramoff has been implicated [by association] in the murder of the former restaurant/casino tycoon Gus Boulis, who was killed by members of the Gambino crime family gunned down in his car in Miami. (The whole story here). Mohammad Atta was seen cohorting with Jack Abramoff who is also involved with "Miami Subs" and "SunCruz" casino boats.

This corruption runs all the way into the Florida state government, this organization has a lack of necessary involvement with the gaming industry as to the tables nor machines on any boat are mandated with proper pay-out regulations; this negligence is unmatched by any other state gaming commission in the USA.

I could go on and on about this for hours with the amount of information I have gathered from looking at various Congressional bills and Presidential Executive orders but, I figured this would be a good starting point for you to understand more about who is catering the dinner parties for the terrorists and who gave them the pate. :)

So, it's my suggestion to keep your business out of all 'Miami Subs' restaurants and basically any Florida incorporated casino cruise. These are the people that are harboring the terrorists of today and those of 9/11, not the French.

These beliefs are a collection of my knowledge over the course of the years and are simply my opinion which is always debatable. However, I thought it might be necessary to cover a few things with you so that next time we engage in a political discussion we might have a more common ground or understanding.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The hands that DON'T feed.

Read this first

Why, Why.. Why can't we all just get along a little better to help each other realize that there really ARE two sides to every story, maybe even more?

Republicans can do nothing better than name calling and say that liberals are bleeding hearts and commies or whatever else they can come up with.

Republicans think THEIR WAY is the only way.

Not to say there isn't a lot of corruption in both parties but we could be looking at the most amount of corruption in high-government level, possibly, EVER; most of it is by the Republicans.

I personally would like to see the ENTIRE White House indicted for war crimes and stand at a trial similar to Nourembourg.

If we don't get these scumbags out of office soon, we could be looking at WWIII. They've already got America thinking like the Nazi's did in Germany about Jews. This time it's the other way around, We, America are Jews (in the world, and words of Ariel Sharon), we are being trained to hate and discriminate all people of Muslim dissent (i.e. ragheads). We are using our wars to persecute a single race. I do believe this is called genocide. Get a grip. The Bush White house is no better than Hitler, I say worse. He's using religion and all sorts of mind-control procedure to brainwash Americans to think that Muslims are the ones that are the real problem.

Remember, the the insurgents are attacking Americans in Iraq because of our illegal occupation of their country.

It's not illegal, you say? Why are there indictments about ready to be released, indicting several people for exposing Valerie Plame? What was Valerie Plame about to blow-out? There was no Yellow Cake in Iraq purchased from Niger. There were no "WMD's" in Iraq.

Saddam's trial is a joke. Any research done would expose that America gave Saddam our blessing to gas those people. He committed those acts of atrocity with our blessing, even AFTER the Kuwait war. I guess that means we should be tried for those crimes too.

Shoving all this religion in our face is to help exploit the Christian discourse for Muslims. Christian's don't believe that the Islamic faith has any merit and that they are in some way creating a war against America (fatwah). We created the war and they are doing what they can to survive. Genocidally extinguishing the whole race is just plain wrong. Christians and Jews are tearing a hole in the fabric of free-religion. Something our democracy no longer seems to have a need for. I truly wonder when the concentration camps will open. I'm an athiest and would surely die for my right to keep it that way.

Religion is a disease. There is nothing in the history of this planet that has caused so many atrocities. No biological virus has caused anything this bad. Even the black plague disappeared after they burned the whole town down. We still kill in the name of religion.

Where is your god now?

Get real people, do some research.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

President Bush in an Asshole.. Big Suprise


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Religious farce...

There is a point in time where we all must answer to our beliefs, Christianity proves that point more than any other religion...

In today's society we, as Americans, MUST realize that we have to do "our part" in order to ensure the future that we so inscribe.

However, I digress. The religious leaders of America that are praying for vacancies in the Supreme Court by "whatever means necessary" causes a real need to hear how far they really want to take "it".

Our religious leaders are calling for an assassination of a world leader. I don't knew how that gets past the 1st commandment but, it's sure to cause question. I just hope that people understand the title of my "blog" and what it really means.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More Anti-Anti NOTHING

I understand that it's the Jews. The point is that there really is no point in exuding hatred or disgust for a race that is going to throw it back at us.

I believe it was posted on another "blog" about how McCarthyism is coming back.. Fight the war then you're already losing. Am I supporting apathy? NO! I'm supporting the teachings of a great psychological warrior, Sun Tzu. If the Republicans wanna play mind games with us, we shouldn't bite for it. "One-upmanship". Anyone that's manipulating you can be manipulated.

If you read "High Definition Lies" you'd see that I clearly pointed out to Mark Cuban that "being critical of Isreal is not anti-Semitic"

an·ti-Sem·ite (N)
1. One who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews.

How is being critical of Arabic/M.E. being critical of Jews or vice versa.

Anonymous said...
The second comment is rediculous. Why do people still think anti-semitism is only anti-israel/jew? This person's comment of 'arab chilren grow up/they could be bin laden's kids' is itself anti-semitic!This whole world is frustrating.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 1:45:40 PM
Anonymous said...
It's the Jews stupid

Variety and Encouragement

(See below for originating comments)

It's great that the sources that I've given the link to my blog have given me the chance to get exposure and, it's even better that people feel open to comment on a tiny little blog such as mine. I do appreciate it. There is one thing that I feel is important; open mind.

Brain dead? I'm sorry to say but last time I checked, It's reasonable to say that people, such as myself, enjoy an open thought process. Hate to disappoint the reader.

It's just as prejudicial of "us" that see through the Zionist lies as it is for people to make a statement like that. Don't get me wrong, I disagree with the whole Zionist protocol but, anyone to call me "Brain Dead" would be useless. The whole point of my letter to Mr. Cuban was to show that there are other ways to be open minded, not to crucify him for being a "jew" or even *worse*, Zionist.

I feel that people that don't know a person at an intimate (no, not sex, you perverts :) ) level has no right to make judgment of their views.

As much disgust as I feel about Cuban being a lobbyist and whore for the repugs, It's still important to remember that there is a line that you will cross at a certain time of your life to compromise your values and after you cross that line, you might discover that you made the right decision. I hope the same for Mr. Cuban.

All I have to say after that.... FLY THE FLAG UPSIDE DOWN

Anonymous said...
You are so brain dead. What do you expect? Mark Cuban is not only a big contributor to Bush and the Republicans, he a Jew and a rabid Zionist Jew at that. He gives heavily to AIPAC and has given heavily to Pepes in his campaign to censor discussion of the Palestinian issue at American Universities and shut up Professors who attempt unbiased discussion of Middle Eastern issues.Cripes such naive jerks at this blog!
Monday, July 04, 2005 10:57:43 AM
Anonymous said...
u all seem anti-semitic! so some guy is a jew! is steven spielberg a zionist?and arab children grow up! they could e bin laden's kids!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

High Definition Lies

Below is a copy of a recent email I sent to Mark Cuban, owner of NBA franchise "Dallas Mavericks" and President and C.E.O. HDNet a network dedicated to advancement of the High Definition medium and overall, someone I greatly repect. I hate the fact that my first email to him had to be scornful. He actually is one of the few multi-billionaire CEO's left that still care enough to leave their REAL email address on the corporate website. Please feel free to share this post with all your "HD" Friends.


Dear Mr. Mark Cuban,

I would first like to take a moment to say that I appreciate what you have done for the High Definition 'HD' community and the many ways you have contributed to help the movement of this medium into the future.

As I sat to watch the Much Music Awards on July 3rd during a "commercial break", I saw a preview for HDNet news that I found VERY disturbing and, as a paying subscriber I feel the need to inform you of the grave injustice done by the staff at your network by putting segments of terrorists and guns next to Arabic children in prayer. I find this advertisement to be offensive, and if it makes any difference, I'm a white American male with no Muslim background at all.

Just in case you aren't aware, there is a lot left to be said about the war in Iraq and, for many years the constant prejudice by the "Mainstream Media" has done nothing but vilify Arabs and most anyone of Middle Eastern dissent. I was glad to see that HDNet mostly stayed away from bias in it's reporting and am sad to see that is no longer the truth. Since you find it just as justifiable to cover the "terrorists" your advertisement specifically implies. It would be reasonable to send your reporters to Mr. Conyers office or to the internet to read of the grave injustices that led our country to war. Any decent and ethically unbiased reporter could find that the administration running this country is guilty of high crimes. As Karl Rove is probably going to be indicted over his leaks and "Plamegate" develops even further with investigations or, authenticity of documents that were forged to get the country to agree to the war or, "Yellow Cake" lies.

There are also several other people you could vilify that would help remove some prejudice of Arabic/Middle Eastern/Muslims. You might want to start a documentary about how many Israelis died in comparison to Palestinians. Their home-land is being pulled out from under them by a fascist and Zionist ruler, Ariel Sharon. There is a lot left to be said about this and, some fair reporting on your behalf to help Americans understand that "being critical of the state of Israel is not anti-Semitic". It might add fuel to your fire when your affluent (non-Jew) viewers hear Mr. Sharon saying things like "The Jews run America and the Americans know it" to Mr. Peres.

I clearly understand that your viewing audience most likely a bit more affluent than the rest of the networks and that is very plausible that people getting their news from other cable/satellite sources (Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC) are not as educated as most of the "Rich White Republican Male". Hey, you didn't make four billion dollars on Broadcast.com by being stupid, ignorant or arrogant. As George Steinbrenner is misunderstood many times, I feel the same about you. I also understand that you've got relationships with several cable companies and major satellite providers and must maintain a certain amount of "bullshit" to keep them happy and that it's a good chance the government would discredit anything you say and Mainstream Media would destroy you more. Didn't seem to scare you last time. :)

The side that most America sees of you is what ESPN shows about your fines and your comments like the one about Kobe's case being fuel to the fire for the sport and would draw publicity and overall could possibly help the sport in some way. I wholeheartedly agreed with you. Dan Patrick is dead set on smearing your reputation like a bad stain in the toilet and he's the worst sports reporter that ESPN has.

I would suffice it to say that you are an educated man and you have knowledge of the fact that not ALL Arabs or Middle Easterners are criminals or terrorists. Why your programming department decided to edit a clip together showed in sequence terrorist activity -> arab children praying -> militants shooting RPG's -> more Iranians -> US troops shooting at these people, is WELL beyond my scope of understanding. Vilifying Arabic children in prayer is HORRIFIC. I hope that you can understand how prejudice this propaganda is and it's a good part of the reason why these people cannot stand our way of life. We dehumanize, criminalize or just plain vilify them. Just think of what Black people have to deal with and magnify that ad infinitum. The hatred of Muslims in America is revolting and the word prejudice is barely substantial enough to explain it. Most reasonably educated people learn more about people before passing judgement on them and, the press is not the source to do that. However, the majority of America wants to hope that the lies are true as they live in "politically correct" bubbles and hope that they can get through their day without problems while they swallow the spoonfed pre-spun news and shove themselves full of food at the dinner table nightly; Totally ignoring what might be happening behind the scenes.

FX Network - 30 Days: "Q: What do you think a terrorist looks like", "A: I dunno, probably some guy with a towel over his head, maybe brown skin" or "Q: If you were on a plane and you had a 'aRAB' sitting next to you, what would you do" "A: I would be very nervous and fear for my life".

My comment about that show is of little relevance. For the record, I was generally unhappy that they chose who they did for the "experiment" and, the spin throughout most of the show was repulsive. Wouldn't expect much more out of Rupert and that's drama in reality programming for ya.

Why don't you do the right thing and stop pushing this propaganda and start telling the truth. As I said before, you're known well to the world for speaking out against things you don't like and sometimes it has cost you viewers or even fans and season ticket sales. The numbers/polls that are reported to you about how effective your statements are at "pissing people off" or alienating your fans in some fashion or another should be irrelevant. The truth is more powerful than the spin and, if you take the time to report about things that are corrupt now, the blame will not have to blanket "Everyone in the media" for selling lies to us.

Some interesting subject matter is out there that "Mainstream" is staying away from. Please help see to it that your reporters do their best to cover domestic issues such as hatred, governmental lies, just as fairly as you choose to vilify young Arabic children with insinuations and bias in your reporting and advertising.

Since your network doesn't really have many advertisers, I cannot boycott, nor would I. It's sophomoric to say that you won't use something cause they advertise on a certain network. I can however discontinue my viewership of your HDNet news programming and wholeheartedly plan on doing so and will not rejoin your viewer-ship of news segments until your advertising reports that you have changed the ways of your network. If I want spin I'll turn on CNN and watch the same nonsense they spin about the same useless story.

I really had hoped that you wouldn't get too mixed up in politics with your network since you are a well respected member of a mostly unbiased forum (AVS) and contribute very positively to the HD community. I understand that there is a certain amount of rhetoric that Mainstream America needs to hear to keep the fear and hatred alive forsaking any new or open ideas, however, this is just over the top. You've lobbied the government for the digital transition now I fear the thought you might have gotten sucked into the black hole of governmental lobbying.



Friday, June 17, 2005


A reader on a blog I read posted the "Reader" part.. see my comments below in "Me"

READER: So, while the CNN poll is showing that 94% of respondents believe that Bush lied to Americans to get us to support his attack on Iraq, and while the Downing Street memo clearly shows what Bush did, there was an author named Timmerman on The Daily Show tonight who has written a book in which he describes how (wait for it folks.......) Osama Bin Laden and Osama's son plotted with the IRANIAN government to attack the World Trade Center on 911. I kid you not!! This buffoon sat there promoting the same tripe that Bush is about to hang for.

What planet are these war mongers on?

Blogger: And how much did Stewert sell out for?

Me: Not only has he sold out, he knows he has sold out. You can tell he is beginning to shrug off some of these interviewee's with a off-color questions and is cutting them off in the middle of their B.S. to ask another question. Tonight's episode of "The Daily Show" was good until you got up to that "Nazi" stuff on the middle segment. Comparing people in our gov't to Hitler has not been that bad of an idea so far. The current regime is well on thier way to being "that bad".

Whoever that tool was on the show tonight was pushing garbage like: "the people in Iraq didn't hate Saddam like the people in Iran hate the Hesbollah's". Well, I'm sorry but if that's not the biggest pile of steaming shiat that I've ever heard, I'd have to think of another one. The Bush regime is now trying to say (to down-play the DSM) that Saddam was a BAD man. These chickenhawks just can't make up their mind anymore. Either that or, they REALLY believe Americans are that stupid or maybe it's the "Jon Stewart Demographic". At any rate, I feel personally insulted and have every plan to find the proper email addresses at Comedy Central to let them know [as well as their advertisers].

The best part of that show had to be when he talked about Sensenbrenner's complete childish behavior, those people needed to testify and were not given a chance to finish their sentences. Unfortunately he hasn't broken any laws yet, maybe "gavel theft"? Whatever it takes, he should be brought up on charges of just plain being an asshole.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Two timing?

Well, today was a landmark day in Washington. The "Downing Street Memo" was finally introduced to the United States Congress by Rep. John Conyers. For the last month, I've been boasting this memo's validity into your email boxes. BUT!!!!!

If you haven't read it by now, you should... www.downingstreetmemo.com

Ok, so you are sick of me talking about "that damn memo"? Well, today after his cogressional hearing for a resolution of inquiry Rep. Conyers hand delivered the DSM and the inquiry to the west appointment gate at the White House who still refuses to acknowledge it properly. Cameras, protesters, press; they all showed up to document this historical movement.

Buried on CSPAN3, the hearing took about 3:06 overall and had a panel of experts and politicians that all took an oath in the beginning of the hearing. Inquiries ranged from simple questions to more complex questions that the panel was well prepared to answer. Calls for impeachment and accountability to be held on all members involved in this elaborate cover-up were not hidden. The meeting was held in what could easily have been considered a coat closet in the basement at the House of Representatives whilst all congressmen were shameful that the meeting had to be held in such a way.

There is my $.02, have a great day and get ready to see history!

To MSNBC and any media..

Put your name on this and send it in to the following email addresses:
newsforce@msnbc.com and CC it to the following advertisers email addresses:
eHarmony@sparksource.com; lionel_menchaca@dell.com; sales@ovenglove.net; customerservice@transitions.com


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi....

As reported on YOUR website years ago this man is dead. I don't understand which way that MSNBC failed here; lack of investigative journalism (send somebody to Iraq to find him themselves) or just realize that he really is dead and that the administration is using the image of this dead man as a weapon of mass distraction.

Guantanamo closed? I find it preposterous that your network is continuing to stand by and watch as America continuously violates laws of the Geneva Conventions and stands behind a president that started an illegal war. Your lackluster performance in investigative journalism leaves me in awe. I guess it's your fault after all, you helped the President push the war.

You know, even Fox News Channel reported on the possible missing links of al-Queda regarding the 9/11 terror attacks. The journalististic irresponsibility that you have displayed leaves me to believe that you are deeply involved with AIPAC and PNAC.

I am watching your network just as I wait to see how exactly you'll botch the next story by going back on your old words or failing to do your own journalism and just buying the pre-paid garbage that the White House is spinning for you.

Have you no souls? Do you not realize the damage that you are doing? Americans less educated than most of what you call the "blogosphere" are believing the sputum that you produce every day. All the while they'll send your distant family members off cause you helped neo-cons push their agenda.

In light of being reasonable, I am not a Nielsen Family and my focus on your advertisements is just to see how much support you are getting from what companies and just to see where exactly your money is coming from to spew these injustice of the American people being committed in the name of our country, not YOURS!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Flip Flop... Shim, SHAM

What a joke. A complete joke. Truly convinced that the Bush Administration is only out for their political gain before today, it was again verified by another headline of the White House failing to admit they were wrong by standing behind their prior stance of protecting human life all the while sending people off to die in an illegal war and veto anything that could possibly help out humanity scientifically such as Stem Cell Research. Hypocrites!

Here is a link.

The Bush camp absolutely demolished John Kerry with deception and boldface lies. Flip-Flopping? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There have been more flip flops in the last 5 years with Bush than I care to count. He ruined, stole and, destroyed the fairness in the electoral process and I hope that Diebold and the rest of the Bush crew all go to hell for this shortly after they're impeached.

Well, the days are finally here. Hoping day after day, sitting, watching patiently; The Downing Street Memo has been covered on a majority of Mainstream media, this event literally gave chills down my spine. Justice starting to show shades of true color in America?

The regime has begun to show signs of Nazism. There are Congressmen that would like to repeal the 22nd amendment. There are certain republicans that are calling for certain types of people wear certain colors to show their certain persuasions.

Call me an extremist, I dare you :)

The days of Liberal democrats are over, as far as I've seen, they're all swinging at the plate for their favorite lobby. Howard Dean was recently crucified by VP Cheney for telling people that 'republicans are a bunch of rich white Christians', Cheney responded by telling people that Dean isn't liked by anyone except (maybe) his mother... I shit you not, he really said that.... Anyway, Howard Dean has been re-elected 5 times and has been unanimously elected. So, numerous democrats were caught shying away from Dean because of his critical comments of republicans; one of which I feel deserves honorable mention for her recent actions at an AIPAC conference where she was caught saluting the Israeli flag, Nancy Pelosi.

Does anyone really still believe the shiat that is coming out of any politicians mouths these days? Maybe Rep. John Conyers can restore some faith in Americans to their Government tomorrow by filing the articles of impeachment along with his request to have the scumbags on the hill explain what the DSM is all about.

Watch CSPAN tomorrow! Maybe they won't shove him off the floor like they did to John F. Kerry.

I'm pissed, why aren't you? :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Short thought for the early afternoon

Picture this...

Donald Rumsfeld with a pitchfork in one hand with a dead Muslim baby ON it pissing on the Qu'ran while having the star of David being tattooed on his forhead while Bush is licking his ass.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Upstream Media 1, Mainstream Media 0

Well, it seems that the Downing Street Memo is finally hitting the press and is beginning to really shake things up. Just reading on Yahoo, I found out Congress is considering impeachment of the President.

This story is becoming more widespread by the day and is beginning to have an impact that I personally believe will rattle the world and change the world. As I'm sure you know, it'll take an act of god to really bring this president down but, thanks to some other laws in this country and the congressmen who broke those laws, we can impeach them too.

11/1/2005: Today the President and 20 members of Congress were impeached and convicted on high crimes, war crimes and, just plain being assholes. Tom DeLay was heard through the glass in the death chamber saying "They said this would never happen" as he was crying and weeping like a little girl. In other news, democrats still can't manage to find their ball-sack or testicles.

Some interesting news has surfaced over the last few days about a UN stockpile disappearing in Iraq. I personally think that the story was partially fabricated and that it's possible that these are the weapons that were found. Wow, amazingly enough, some weapons and supplies were lost and a miraculous find by the military surfaces stockpiles in a different place. Does the gov't REALLY think we are that stupid? JEEZUS.

Some more news for you critics. Israel *IS* spying on the USA. Even Fox News Channel said it. Oh ya, just a few days ago, wasn't I saying something about how 9/11 and Israelis were involved?? That video is quite old, not like the "truth" ever dies anyway.

John Bolton is a criminal. The WH keeps stalling on the documents that the Democrats want because (as sources say) there is incriminating evidence within these documents that links him to several unsavory companies previously indicted. Remember Enron? Ya, that kinda Bush-Enron link that is inescapable; other than just burying or destroying these documents.

Bush doesn't care. When asked about what he's thinking about the troops abroad, ""You know, I don't worry all that much, frankly. ... I've got peace of mind." What the hell is this man thinking? Has he no conscience? What a Sociopath.

So, I'm not jumping on anybody's bandwagon about this but it seems that it's common practice in the WH to have naysayers murdered.

WATKINS: OK. Secretary Eagleburger, this is the million dollar question. I mean, folks have been waiting for three decades to know who Deep Throat was or is. Is Mark Felt, in your opinion, Deep Throat?


WATKINS: Do you think he's Deep Throat?

EAGLEBURGER: Probably. You know, President Nixon once suspected him. I'm surprised he didn't end up dead somewhere because of that. But nevertheless, I think he did suspect it. I think, if you think about it now, it is at least very likely.

Nice, Eh???

That's all for today.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Short day...

A second US Mainstream Media Source recognized the existance of the "Downing Street Memo" today.

I guess the Washinton Post is pissed about what the WH did to their sister publication "Newsweek".


"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are [a] few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid." - President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 11/8/54


Amdocs gets in deep doo-doo.


What the hell? A plant that I have my apartment died because of the rain.. Not Good

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Incestual Rape of a Country

Since election theft is so prominent in the world today and, it's obvious that we are no longer really going to elect our leaders and the guise of an election day will be the set dates and time for regime changes. In an Associated Press Article printed yesterday, George H. W. Bush called on one of his other sons (Jeb) to run for the presidencial office.

I will admit that Jeb does seem to have more of a brain than his half-witted warmongering brother, as a Florida Resident. The problem is, he's still a Bush. This family has done little to nothing to improve the quality of life amongst Americans and both have led our country into financial strife/recessions. Daddy runs the whole operation along with AIPAC anyway.

If anyone out there still believes that he actually won the race in 2000 and really thinks that there was no evidence of serious voter fraud committed in order to obtain a position in the WH or in 2004 [to keep it]; I urge you to do your research on the amount of voter fraud that is currently being investigated in Ohio and still ongoing investigations in Florida.

Someone please impeach this guy.

In other news, Fox News Channel FINALLY mentioned the Downing Street Memo and called it an Internet rumor although, not one person in either government has denied the authenticity of this memo. What is fair and balanced about that? Noting the memo has existance in some fashion or another, then discrediting it is considered balance? Well since FNC admits their bias publicly, we can easily say that they've done this in interest of the presidential agenda and that the Downing Street memo obviously doesn't conform to the agenda.

Ok, everyone, out loud: P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A.

The mystery of "Deep Throat" was solved yesterday when Felt came out of the closet about being J. Edgar Hoover's secret gay lover, oops, I mean the number 2 man in the FBI reporting to The Post and, my favorite part, CNN reports today that the names assigned in this operation were of an intentional sexual nature. Yes, CNN said that Felt was named "Deep Throat" which is a common technique used in the practice of fallatio where the entire shaft of the penis is inserted into the depths of the throat to ensure full mouth contact and adds the possibility of additional simulaneous tongue stimulation on the scrotal area during the act. Classic.

Number 2 huh? I wonder if that means that he was taking it in the pooper from J. Edgar Hoover. They seem to be using that statement "number 2" a lot :) Just kidding

Speaking of homosexuality, can anyone tell me why Gannon (gay male escort, also WH press corps) was spending nights at the WH. Since god speaks to Bush, don't you think he'd tell him that he hates fags?

My scrutiny of Christianity has come under question recently and I thought that I might clarify my views. I am not an anti-Semite, I am not anti-god (whatever you wanna call that). I just like mocking the bullshit that comes out of the WH and the Press' mouth cause it's so f'in funny to hear that "god speaks to him". If he's hearing voices of hate and punishment in his head, he's either crazy or worshipping a different God. Scaring people using religion and joining the church and state organizations is being shunned all over the world, even amongst REAL Christians that don't function within the likes of 'Dubya or Jerry Falwell that tell us that WOMEN are the reason why 9/11 happened. Holy crap. This guy must be gay too! Dammit man, God told Bush, he hates fags, they talk a lot, Georgie shoulda told him.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

9/11 Pilot Found Alive

Now, just how can a person be alive if everyone in the plane burned and died.


Someone PLEASE explain how this guy is alive after flying a plane into a building where there were no survivors

Some thoughts

Still doubtful that individualized journalism is becoming the new source for people with a half of a brain? MSNBC reported TWO YEARS ago that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was dead. Yet, the voices from the grave continue to surface as handed over to them by White House press secretary whores to read on your nightly news. Diminishing the words they spoke of two years ago with a story about him being dead with a "how we know that report was wrong" story is just more spoonfed bullshit that people like Ari Fleisher are regurgitating for public appeal.

Have you ever regurgitated your food? After it sits in your stomach being decomposed by the bile that your gall bladder creates, it tastes like shit, smells horrible and it erodes most anything it touches over time. Stomach acid is the equivalent of what Ari and 'Dubya are spitting out all over the people via the mainstream press.

Bin Laden is dead; died of Kidney failure in December of 2001. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the hills of Iraq two years ago by American fire as he failed to escape the scene of a bombing because of his wooden leg. These two ghosts make an appearance when it's convenient for the White House. He is not alive but somebody moved his gravesite to Iran so that he could be found dead over there instead of in Iraq.. In the meantime we'll have to nuke the shit outta Iran and make Israel more safe (aka America) "Israel, An American value" -AIPAC.

Americas second largest "investor" is a pro-Isreal lobby that has had numorous spies arrested in the past month for spying on the USA and typically is getting their false information about Iran having nukes and nearing the "point of no return". It's all a load of crap being sent to us in the name of a great holy land that's being RUINED by Zionist pigs that will stop nowhere short of complete domination of the middle east and America. What happens when you criticize them? You are flagged as an Anti-Semite. F*(k that. This organized Mafia is giving the White House bad information. Everything from Iraq's WMD's to the now fabricated evidence of Iran's nukes.

On the day the President declared war on Iraq for their impending threat against us, that was bull and I told everyone around me that same thing.

Repeat after me: There are no Nukes in Iran. Israel wants us to attack Iran and they are going to do whatever it takes to get us to invade.

Watching Hotel Rwanda again just made me think more deeply about this whole 'war on terrorism'. C'mon, they are cutting limbs off people in Africa, Kim Jong Il is a crazy bastard and actually does have 'nookular' power. Why we didn't invade these countries? They are of no financial interest to Israel nor are they a religious threat. Palestinians are being murdered in acts of Genocide. Being Muslim is NOT a crime nor did the dead CHILDREN know they were committing a crime by choosing to be Muslim.

So, another damaging report regarding Guantanimo Bay was released today and was completely ignored by Mainstream Media; People in other countries being sold to the Americans. On top of being unethical, I'm sure this is a high crime of some sort and obviously violates the Geneva Conventions. Who the hell does he think he is? God? I know God put Bush in the White House but damn, even God [being the punishing soul he is] (god hates fags),wouldn't sell people for political gains to spearhead a war against his adversary, Satan.

Day after day I gain increasingly more fearful that Americans really don't give a shit about what's happening and am especially fearful that it's too late to take our country back.

The facts are as follows:

  1. Bin Laden is DEAD
  2. Zarqawi is DEAD
  3. al-Qaida is a front for MOSSAD
  4. MOSSAD gave us the travesty of 9/11
  5. WTC 7 did not have any structural failure, they blew it up.
  6. The President didn't see the first plane strike the WTC. That video didn't surface for many many hours
  7. The president KNEW the attacks were to happen. Doncha think someone woulda dragged him off to a safer place IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting for him to finish reading about goats?
  8. The president needs to stand trial for war crimes and countries are being called on to apprehend him.
  9. The economy isn't as good as he says it is. Look at our deficit. Enough said
  10. This is NOT conspiracy theory, it is FACT

Ok, so prove me wrong. I am ready to read all the SOLID facts you can provide for me that say otherwise.

Oh ya, one last thing. Thanks to our lovely tyrant, Baghdad is more dangerous to live in today. I can't believe the press had the balls to cover that. They didn't mention a thing about our leader but I doubt they'd dare. If Saddam was such a ruthless dictator, why didn't the people oust him themselves? They're trying to oust the USA and slowly they're killing our brothers off. I assure you, the bloodshed as a result of this war is FAR greater than Saddam could do in a lifetime. This is a holy war for Israel and we're shoving our shit in their face with brute force, I peticularly liked the tank with a wrapper painted "New Testament" wrapped around the cannon of an American artillery tank.

"Philip Zelikow, who is now the executive director of the body set up to investigate the terrorist attacks on the US in September 2001 - the 9/11 commission - in which he suggests a prime motive for the invasion just over one year ago was to eliminate a threat to Israel, a staunch US ally in the Middle East. . . "

Q:"Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us?"

A: "I'll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 -- it's the threat against Israel"

Some more good reading

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The sexiness of war

A friend and I were having a discussion last night about the Real Estate market and the potential income that is possible to earn from investing in several RE plots at one time. After talking it through for a while; we came to the conclusion that if there were to be a major fall in the economy, based on new bankruptcy laws, it became evident that there were no recourse for defaulted mortgages and that people holding them would end up suffering a lifetime of debt.

The banks shoved their penis nice and far up Bush's ass while defecating all over the people, Bush had such an orgasm that he pissed all over the place (Constitution and Bill of Rights) and, Bank of America got so excited by Bush using his pen that he spewed their semen all over the people (bank fees). After that was over, the oil whores seen standing around got a piece of Bush and when THAT was over, the sex you smelled in air of the room had the stench of noxious fumes from exhaust and oil being burned around the world. America hasn't stopped smelling this or seeing it in action (the sex) for 5 years.. Bush's rectum was later seen bleeding black oil sludge, it's still undetermined if it was his own or that of Texaco, Shell, or Exxon; all which participated in the gang bang.

(It doesn't stop with the oil and bank pimps)

Now, I understand why this new bankruptcy law was signed. People are spending their money very irresponsibly and just declaring bankruptcy to clear it out and start all over again. That just won't do. Nor will the new bankruptcy laws help resolve any of the problems circulating around the exorbanant amount of spending people are doing or the damage they are doing to their credit. Sending jobs overseas is not helping our economy nor is it helping put money back in the pockets of Americans to pay their bills. Since health insurance is so out of control, spanning even further and is not likely to get any better. This money has to come from somewhere and when the taxpayers have been bled of ever dollar we shall see poverty like never before.

"People need to start spending more wisely" - George Bush

How can it possibly be considered wise to let your children die from ensuing health problems that you cannot treat because you don't have insurance? There is a line you have to draw.


As cyberspace is evolving, so are it's users. Today, after reading "weblogs" or "blogs" for the past two months, I have decided to join the masses of people who decide to publish their thoughts online.

If you are familiar with me then you are probably familiar with my big mouth when it comes to politics and my views upon them. In the past week I have published three major thesis that I feel are an important read for anyone that is still getting their news from TV; ANY TV source.

Since I've got way too much time on my hands and and infinite source of information as well as above average literary skills, I've chosen to break into this realm of posting my thoughts for sake of giving me something useful to do with my time and another way to kill time when I'm hung up with no work to do.

Since my heart condition has worsened over the past year, I felt it necessary to find another reason to kill my extra time since I will be confined to my home more often. I appreciate all the support of the people that have supported me emotionally along the way and especially those that made time to come visit me during my hospital visits.

As I stated earlier, I will be posting some of my political diatribe in addition to whatever strikes my mind while I sit around finished with my research or work and feeling "bored". I welcome your reply but ONLY ask that if you choose to engage in debate or rebut my opinions that I've based on actual facts, that you comprise your opinion equally. Quoting Opionion and Editorial sites for facts will not warrant any tasteful reply from me. Fox/NBC/CBS/ABC are questionable sources as it is.

So! Enjoy yourself, get a laugh or two and, ya'll come on back now, ya hear?

Tony B.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

In this considerably accurate rendition of the Rwanda atrocities in 1993, Don Cheadle plays the hotel manager attempting to save his fellow citizens from the barbarity that lies just in front of the gates of his hotel.

This movie is just amazing, in my opinion.

Don Cheadle (Paul Rusesabagina) gives what I'd call an Academy Award winning performance, showing Americans just how bad things are in other countries than Iraq that need our assistance much more.

I am not often so moved by a movie, this one really did it to me.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Wrap up and rebuttal

Just my point of view on a friend's opinion, I just thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to rebut.

----- Original Message -----
Subject: More...

As agreed, we will leave this to email alone.. I've spent about 6 hours comprising this, something I'm quite passionate about, obviously.

>The only thing that scares me is people that think like you...Oh, by the way I read the entire speech given by Robert Murdoch, unlike you and all you've done is support my position that you don't know what your talking about...You need to find another agenda, this one just ain't making it.........T

It's just not apparent to me why people are so myopic. There is just no reason why they don't read between the lines. Bush ADMITTED to using propaganda. Murdoch SAID the press thinks people are stupid. Encompassed within his whole statement, those things tend to stick out. Buried within an entire speech about how he thinks Fox/NewsCorp needs to advance, he said it. Just like Bush said that he is pushing propaganda in his speech for Social Security.

Now, I'm sure you ask of yourself.. Why can't he just let this rest? or, What is his problem with Bush? or, maybe even, What's his problem overall?

I answer of you, there is too much apathy amongst the majority of America, to the point where we only answer amongst the lies which we are given and, devastatingly worse, defend them. All along the watchtower, people are seen turning away from major networks and their source of information for good cause. Censorship. GE/NBC, Viacom/CBS, Disney/ABC, look at their donations and their kick-back.

Am I a socialist or "pinko commie"? No. That's why I refuse to come down on large corporations for "making money". I didn't have enough time in my latest rant to include this statement; Corporations are what keeps middle and lower America alive, without them, there would be no homes or food. The abuse of that power is what I speak of. I strongly suggest you read the works of Adolph Hitler (Mien Kampf) or, a more modern book like "48 Laws of Power", both of these books encompass within 200 [or so] pages what it takes to gain a "power" that is so amazing that I could barely handle it myself.

To reiterate, "48 Laws" is a great book. You can easily see how things are used against you and how you've used things of your own to gain the "upper hand" in any given situation.

So, why do I compare the president to Hitler? I think the answer comes pretty easily... Abuse of power. If you chose to read between the lines, the president ADMITTED that he uses propaganda. The press ADMITTED that they think we're "20% less likely to make good decisions" a.k.a. (in Murdoch's translation) "Stupid". This strikes me as odd because he also said this attitude would be the downfall of anyone holding this opinion and ratings for Fox News Channel continue to plummet.

Why you choose to make the speech by each of these "leaders" a generality instead of taking it "point by point" is reasonable. It's also reasonable to say that when you have a sore thumb, no matter what happens in your day, you still know it's sore. It's a small part of your body but you still know that one part of you is upsetting the "situation".

America, as a whole, has been brought up to believe that we are the greatest, most sovereign nation, without doubt and, are crucified for holding any other opinion, or jailed, for that matter. When the lies that we have been lead to believe by the press are exposed by sources outside where we "usually" get our news from become exploited, as arrogant Americans with myopic views, we will not hold anything to truth except the lies than we were sold with ferocity by whores in the media like Anne Coulter. It is against human psychology to agree to anything than what we truly hold deep in our hearts and we fear to question that depth for fear of ruining our precious views and simple lives. I call it arrogance and there may be many other names for it; plain and simple we are all guilty of this, myself included. What makes me feel the need to expose these truths, you ask? If you were sold a LIE in the name of shedding your brother's blood, wouldn't you be pissed off? It's a fact, George Bush LIED to us to engage in the war. "Q One question for you both. Do you believe that there is a link between Saddam Hussein, a direct link, and the men who attacked on September the 11th?
THE PRESIDENT: I can't make that claim." and my personal favorite, http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2003/03/20030319-1.html

I must ask of you; where do you get your news from? Do you still employ the larger media conglomerates as your source? If so, have you not seen how they are slowly fading away while moving over for the greater press called the Internet? These are serious questions I pose to you in great concern. You think I'm full of it, but do not offer me any retort as to why or how. I have given my dissertations of all of the above and noted reliable sources (such as, the ones they actually came from) but all I have heard in reply, no offense, is a half witted rebuttal that only includes remarks of dismay. I entrust within your intellect that you will engage me in this rebuttal with more intellect than telling me that I don't know what I'm talking about. It's not childish to debate these kind of topics. It's our civic duty. Moreover, it's our responsibility: enladen in our constitution. We don't need to agree but, there is one thing that's for sure.... If you're gonna tell me that I don't have a clue, I URGE you to prove me wrong with statistics and fact as I have equally done for you.

I understand that you have heritage of the Jewish persuasion. I only ask that you rebut why the world is up in arms (literally, arms) over the Zionistic control of Israel, or prove to me that Rabin was not assassinated by Sharon's henchmen for his (Sharon) fear of the Oslo Accord. If the Zionistic control of regions is not apparent, WHY, WHY, WHY are people protesting it by kicking a Styrofoam replica of the Israeli flag in half protesting the Zionist movement and presence? It's said to be an extremist point of view that's not really valid, but still, it's not been proven by anyone that it's not really going on; that would be impossible. Why is it that when people speak against Zionists that it's considered anti-Semitic? I speak not of Jewish people, I speak of Zionists. Another thing I urge of you, find one program on television in which Judaism is not boasted. There is nothing wrong with the religion, or it's people. It's the people controlling these statements that concerns me. Why do we have AIPAC? Why not have something for N. Korea? they have more of a threat to us than Israel. Why does Bush coddle to Sharon? Why do both of them get booed out of every uncontrolled USA venue? Why do the settlers not have control of their own land? They are Jewish, they are in Israel, this boggles me constantly. Why were there Israeli shells found near the site of a mass murder in Syria? Why won't MOSSAD answer to anybody?

Once again, I speak not of Judaism but ONLY of Zionistic protocol. http://aztlan.net/protocols.htm .. The diatribe of our leaders in rebutting the existence of this shitty organization is far from decent. Why must Americans feel as if everything that's not in mainstream be considered communistic or anti-Semitic?

Zionists, Christians, they're both shoving their lifestyle in our face with brute force. Appointment of activist judges to the Supreme Court, one simple example of where we are headed. I can't believe the demon-crats applauded this appointment. "You can have your judges, just let us have our filibuster" (Quote from unnamed) seems just about accurate to me. Some extremist shoved some propaganda in my face last night by taping a quote from the bible to my door (private property). My views on religion may seem somewhat harsh but, I don't think that you can quite balance out the greed and perverse nature of modern organized religion. Molestation? Jesus Christ?!?!? Anywhere? Anywhere? No wonder our president is leading us into propaganda and shoving religion up our ass so hard that we're green in the eyes with it; he's preparing us for Armageddon. Just the other day he was quoted saying that "Nuclear weaponry need NOT be a last resort". So just what *IS* the last resort?

>and what lie did he tell in that speech........if your attempting to compare Bush with Goebbel's, it don't wash. period

You're absolutely right. HE didn't tell a lie, he just said he's "catapulting the propaganda"

Propaganda: (n) information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

In this case, lies like the one stated above are his "cause". If you choose to disagree with the fact that these are lies and that "bad intelligence" was given, I refer you again to the "Downing Street Memo".

In closing; even though we have these discussions in email to remove the politic while we sit at the bar, I know that my statements have great effect in what you ultimately feel about me. These statements do comprise my structure but do not make me a bad person for speaking my mind. People have died for my freedom and you, yourself, have engaged in war for my freedoms. I am grateful for this but, also am spiteful towards a leader that is slowly dismantling our freedoms. Just yesterday a judge passed a law against parents from teaching their children certain religions in the state of Illinois. We must do our civic duty to ensure that the Bill of Rights and Constitution are upheld without sacrificing our freedoms. "When we sacrifice freedom for security, we will have neither" - Ben Franklin. I assure you, the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act was just a tester to see how much breathing room the government could have to violate the constitution.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Part 3

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda. " -George W. Bush 2005


Someone similar said something to this effect... "If you tell a big enough lie, and keep repeating it, people will actually come to believe it" Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda


Monday, May 23, 2005

Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Part 2

I just thought I might add this addendum.. The press DOES think you're an "stupid". The head of the biggest news corporation said it himself.. Yes, Rupert Murdoch good ole' Fox News Channel.

This came right off the website for NewsCorp.

"Studies show we’re in an odd position: we’re more trusted by the people who aren’t reading us. And when you ask journalists what they think about their readers, the picture grows darker. According to one recent study, the percentage of national journalists who have a great deal of confidence in the ability of the American public to make good decisions has declined by more than 20 points since 1999. Perhaps this reflects their personal politics and personal prejudices more than anything else, but it is disturbing.This is a polite way of saying that reporters and editors think their readers are stupid. In any business, such an attitude toward one’s customers would not be healthy. But in the newspaper business, where we rely on people to come back to us each day, it will be disastrous if not addressed". -Rupert Murdoch, 2005

No matter how much he addresses the problem, the damage is done. They already took people for fools.


Tonight, NBC News covered ONE of the stories I mentioned and didn't bother putting any facts into it. Just political spin about why she (Laura) was there. No mention of the president getting booed out of the Michigan college, no mention of the 10 dead Iraqi politicians shot by US forces, no mention of Bush basically giving Karzai the "finger" and telling him that there is no way in hell that he's gonna get control over any US troops. And of course, no mention of abuse of prisoners and certainly wouldn't bother talking about constitutional infringements or the downing street memo.

Democracy at work??? PUH-LEAZE

No wonder why the Pope John Paul II called Americans "Soulless cash warmongering whores".

Reading an interesting article from an unnamed source, I felt it necessary to add a couple quotes from them here...

- "To achieve popularity, America's corporate-controlled media censor legitimate and detailed news stories in favor of sensationalistic and superficial tripe. Although a celebrity in America cannot have flatulence without an army of reporters analyzing the smell, corporate-controlled news media, to avoid being "controversial," incessantly ignore topics that could actually educate or enlighten."

- "The censorship practiced by corporate-controlled media has helped them build entire "news" networks upon great lies-that coverage is "fair and balanced," that it should be "trusted," or, perhaps the greatest lie of all, that the drivel disseminated deserves to qualify as "news."

- "The final, and most powerful, "P" driving corporate-controlled news media is profit. In their pure form, however, these media are incompatible with standard theories of capitalism.
Capitalism contends that companies manufacturing and marketing similar products will endeavor to improve those products to gain an advantage over their competitors, which, in turn, benefits consumers."

- "For the reasons mentioned above, the hands of America's corporate-controlled news media are now dripping with the blood of those sacrificed in a war promoted and exploited for ratings and profit. May this blood that has been shed for their greed never wash clean, lest we forget how easily corruption, avarice and deceit can usurp democracy, blacken the hearts of humanity, and destroy the soul of a nation."
Ok, I think I've said my piece and so has the media said their own piece..
PS. CNN just dropped his approval rating down to 46%, getting closer to the truth... http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/05/23/bush.poll/
(note the lack of reporting margin error on his overall approval rating in the current poll without making mindless drivel about how it was "formulated".)


Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Part 1

It's about that time again. Politics are running dirty as the East River in NYC and the flow is getting dirtier than a Saigon Whore on New Years eve...

Has anyone seen this guy Tom DeLay? I felt like getting in the shower after I heard about some of what he's done. Other than getting his hands on casinos, bribes and free plane tickets, etc... He also has his hand very deeply in the committee for NASA's watchdogs and is doing his best to make sure that the money that is supposed to be spent at NASA is getting diverted to fund the war in Iraq. http://www.majorityleader.gov/news.asp?FormMode=Detail&ID=291

Have you ever heard of a "blog" or a "weblog"? (You're reading one now) These weblogs created by journalists across the world have begun to take over as people's main source of news for reasons like ABC deciding that the Iraq war is no longer newsworthy and they're not going to cover it when they don't have to. Watching CBS's "60 Minutes" program last Sunday night, they covered gang violence in California prisons, "On Bullsh*t" a book about how there is so much B.S. around us and people are taking the wrong sources of information to heart.

I found this to be quite ironic as CBS was blaming itself for covering what THEY called BS and how other media outlets cover stuff that is basically bullshit. Basically the psychological effect of this is that CBS becomes the sacrificial lamb pointing out their downfalls about how they spread bullshit all the time and then turned it into an advertisement for their network at the same time because they were the ones pointing out the fact that all the others are bullshitting them too and CBS being the first to cover this piece of literature in this way puts them above all others. Sadly enough, that's the trained psychological reaction.

Something made my skin crawl that Sunday night as there has been a piece of intelligence floating around that basically got leaked about how the President massaged documents to help us engage in the Iraq war and gave Britain more reason to participate along with us. CBS didn't cover this AT ALL. This is one of those kinds of news stories that gets shoved to page 13 in your newspapers and the importance of the story is curtailed and people that stick to "mainstream media" end up not seeing just how important these news stories are.

This particular news story has been the "talk of the town" on just about EVERY blog and is blowing up all over the internet. What does the story really mean though? Well, first of all, it means that the war we are engaged in Iraq is based on a lie. The intelligence that was given was massaged by high level officials in OUR government. Secondly, it means that your tax dollars are being wasted and your kids are being sent to die in an illegal war. $5 BILLION A MONTH.. www.downingstreetmemo.com

So why do they need to get John Bolton in the U.N. so fast? Israel seems to think that Iran is close to the "Point of no return" however there is absolutely no evidence that Iran is perusing it's Nuclear Proliferation project for use in weaponry. What do you get when you put a hard line reformist in the UN, given bad information about Iran and the possibility of Nuclear weapons? War... Shortly after Bolton is confirmed there have been MANY sources reporting that war with Iran is imminent. http://www.itszone.co.uk/zone0/viewtopic.php?t=34657

The problem here is that Americans have turned a blind-eye to all this corruption. Psychologically, many Americans still feel pretty "burned" over what happened on September 11, 2001. The president may have gotten SOME loyalty of citizens out of this but is losing it VERY fast, his approval rating is at an all time (for him) and 12 year low.

There is a whole plethora of people to blame for selling us this "bullshit" but you have to start with the mainstream media. They have held back on the president by "softballing" him with easy questions, bought the pre-produced news reports that the White House is putting out and it's pretty obvious of that by watching CNN/Fox/MSNBC and on and on... They're all turning into another MTV. Nothing but a waste of airtime. They might as well start airing our news "Entertainment Tonight" style, if ya ask me, ABC is ready to start doing that soon anyway. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/TheNote/story?id=156238

Newsweek folded under pressure last week about a story they printed in which the Qu'ran was desecrated in a Guantanimo Bay prison facility where the item was defaced and placed in the toilet as well as flushing it in the toilet. After Muslims got so pissed at us the WH made them retract this newsworthy story saying it "wasn't true"... Odd, what do you call this? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/050516/323/fixbz.html ... Newsweek obviously destroyed any credibility they had left with people that took the time to research this more "in-depth".

Fox News Channel ratings are plummeting (if anybody cares); 1.4 million before the war to 504,000 as of this month. I guess people are getting sick of getting lied to and MAYBE some of the republicans out there care that Jeff Gannon had ties to Fox News Channel and since most of the republicans I know are slightly bigoted, they wouldn't want a homosexual in their 'group'. By the way, that's the fastest viewer-ship drop-off in cable TV news history.

Apathy.. I was recently admitted to the hospital for heart complications. By the last 3 days of being in there, they were trying to shove ANTI-DEPRESSANTS down my throat. My doctor refused to bargain with my issue of anxiety and treating it with an anti-anxiety pill, he stormed out of my room like a little kid because I wouldn't take Zoloft or one of the other pills that he's getting kickbacks on.. Mind you, again, I was in the hospital for a heart problem. At any rate, my point is they're giving out these anti-depressants to people that don't need them and the world is getting doped up on these pills and they just don't give a crap anymore. No, it's not a conspiracy, just ask around, find out how many people you know that take them. It's not just the Anti-depressants that are effecting the life of humans in our culture... The "Magic Bullet" syndrome has taken over so vastly that people are just finding it easier to take the short way out instead of fixing the real problem. Indicative of pure laziness within the masses. (http://www.ghchealth.com/june02.html - See "Pharmaceutical facts" halfway down the page)

Just a note: McDonalds and PepsiCo EACH spend this much money advertising and America got fatter and Diabetes is "running out of control". http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7899868/&&CE=3088327

Inflation? In the time that 'Dubya has been in office, it's up 38%. YES, I said THIRTY EIGHT PERCENT.. The deficit is out of control and is spiraling dismally out of control. There was just a $38B war funding bill signed and it's just gonna get worse.. Like I said, $5B a MONTH. Where will it end? I say impeachment.

So, why won't the president be impeached?? Congress realized this lie after it was to late to do anything about it at their level without massive amounts of impeachments. Mainstream media won't push for anything like this as it's their fault for buying the lies that the president sold them pre-packaged for press and sold it to America like the newest and best thing since sliced bread. Basically this means that you can expect this corruption to escalate to heights that will rival that of the moon. The lies will continue to be sold to the press as the president feels fit to sell it to them, and congress will continue to address menial issues like "Terri Schaivo" and her right to die.Nonetheless, they don't seem to be interested in protecting our civil rights and the constitution of the united states (no caps for a reason).. http://www.alternet.org/story/22048

I was watching NBC Nightly news the other day as Tim Russert gave some new poll numbers on Bush. In comparison to a similar poll, NBC padded theirs by 6% to make Bush come out at 48%. For the record folks, the number *IS* 42%. My laughter begins when they optimistically lash out saying things like "Almost half the country is still behind him" Statistically, MORE than HALF the country is against him. even at their padded 48%. I now know why they stage those town hall meetings for him and don't let tax-paying protesters in; they boo him off the stage. Something like what happened this weekend http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20050521/ts_nm/bush_religion_dc ... Let's just nail it down to nuts and bolts, you can come up with all the polls you want to and change the results by change the demographic surroundings, it all boils down to two things. One, the president LIED. 2.) The president is NOT doing his job, representing the interests of his bosses, US!!! The president's boss is NOT big corporate USA although it seems that is who he's answering to these days..

In closing, I'd like to wish you the best of luck and hope that you won't allow your tax dollars to keep paying for things like this without learning more by doing more research and learning more about where your country is going. Day after day we ARE losing control of our democracy by not doing more to protect it and question our leaders to things like events that happened JUST THIS WEEKEND... Bush gets booed out of a school of CHRISTIAN LIBERAL ARTS for mixing politics and religion in his policies, Laura Bush got mobbed by Jews (NOT ZIONISTS) begging for the release of a prisoner illegally held, Afghani prisoners being tortured in Gitmo (where I'll be sent off to after writing this letter and sending it), 10 Iraqi officials "accidentally" being killed by US troops, a little girl being orphaned after speaking out against the president and HomeLndSec deporting her parents as punishment. This all happened IN ONE WEEKEND.. I urge someone to tell me what we've done in this world to balance for such acts of monstrosity on YOUR behalf. We are America..

Of course, this is just what I have to say, the facts speak for themselves. I urge you to put down the newspaper and the TV remote and step slowly over to a more reliable source for your news.... Ahh hell, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" (as said by US official during the recent WH plane scare)

Anonymously yours..... AB