Monday, May 23, 2005

Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Part 2

I just thought I might add this addendum.. The press DOES think you're an "stupid". The head of the biggest news corporation said it himself.. Yes, Rupert Murdoch good ole' Fox News Channel.

This came right off the website for NewsCorp.

"Studies show we’re in an odd position: we’re more trusted by the people who aren’t reading us. And when you ask journalists what they think about their readers, the picture grows darker. According to one recent study, the percentage of national journalists who have a great deal of confidence in the ability of the American public to make good decisions has declined by more than 20 points since 1999. Perhaps this reflects their personal politics and personal prejudices more than anything else, but it is disturbing.This is a polite way of saying that reporters and editors think their readers are stupid. In any business, such an attitude toward one’s customers would not be healthy. But in the newspaper business, where we rely on people to come back to us each day, it will be disastrous if not addressed". -Rupert Murdoch, 2005

No matter how much he addresses the problem, the damage is done. They already took people for fools.

Tonight, NBC News covered ONE of the stories I mentioned and didn't bother putting any facts into it. Just political spin about why she (Laura) was there. No mention of the president getting booed out of the Michigan college, no mention of the 10 dead Iraqi politicians shot by US forces, no mention of Bush basically giving Karzai the "finger" and telling him that there is no way in hell that he's gonna get control over any US troops. And of course, no mention of abuse of prisoners and certainly wouldn't bother talking about constitutional infringements or the downing street memo.

Democracy at work??? PUH-LEAZE

No wonder why the Pope John Paul II called Americans "Soulless cash warmongering whores".

Reading an interesting article from an unnamed source, I felt it necessary to add a couple quotes from them here...

- "To achieve popularity, America's corporate-controlled media censor legitimate and detailed news stories in favor of sensationalistic and superficial tripe. Although a celebrity in America cannot have flatulence without an army of reporters analyzing the smell, corporate-controlled news media, to avoid being "controversial," incessantly ignore topics that could actually educate or enlighten."

- "The censorship practiced by corporate-controlled media has helped them build entire "news" networks upon great lies-that coverage is "fair and balanced," that it should be "trusted," or, perhaps the greatest lie of all, that the drivel disseminated deserves to qualify as "news."

- "The final, and most powerful, "P" driving corporate-controlled news media is profit. In their pure form, however, these media are incompatible with standard theories of capitalism.
Capitalism contends that companies manufacturing and marketing similar products will endeavor to improve those products to gain an advantage over their competitors, which, in turn, benefits consumers."

- "For the reasons mentioned above, the hands of America's corporate-controlled news media are now dripping with the blood of those sacrificed in a war promoted and exploited for ratings and profit. May this blood that has been shed for their greed never wash clean, lest we forget how easily corruption, avarice and deceit can usurp democracy, blacken the hearts of humanity, and destroy the soul of a nation."
Ok, I think I've said my piece and so has the media said their own piece..
PS. CNN just dropped his approval rating down to 46%, getting closer to the truth...
(note the lack of reporting margin error on his overall approval rating in the current poll without making mindless drivel about how it was "formulated".)



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