Sunday, May 29, 2005

The sexiness of war

A friend and I were having a discussion last night about the Real Estate market and the potential income that is possible to earn from investing in several RE plots at one time. After talking it through for a while; we came to the conclusion that if there were to be a major fall in the economy, based on new bankruptcy laws, it became evident that there were no recourse for defaulted mortgages and that people holding them would end up suffering a lifetime of debt.

The banks shoved their penis nice and far up Bush's ass while defecating all over the people, Bush had such an orgasm that he pissed all over the place (Constitution and Bill of Rights) and, Bank of America got so excited by Bush using his pen that he spewed their semen all over the people (bank fees). After that was over, the oil whores seen standing around got a piece of Bush and when THAT was over, the sex you smelled in air of the room had the stench of noxious fumes from exhaust and oil being burned around the world. America hasn't stopped smelling this or seeing it in action (the sex) for 5 years.. Bush's rectum was later seen bleeding black oil sludge, it's still undetermined if it was his own or that of Texaco, Shell, or Exxon; all which participated in the gang bang.

(It doesn't stop with the oil and bank pimps)

Now, I understand why this new bankruptcy law was signed. People are spending their money very irresponsibly and just declaring bankruptcy to clear it out and start all over again. That just won't do. Nor will the new bankruptcy laws help resolve any of the problems circulating around the exorbanant amount of spending people are doing or the damage they are doing to their credit. Sending jobs overseas is not helping our economy nor is it helping put money back in the pockets of Americans to pay their bills. Since health insurance is so out of control, spanning even further and is not likely to get any better. This money has to come from somewhere and when the taxpayers have been bled of ever dollar we shall see poverty like never before.

"People need to start spending more wisely" - George Bush

How can it possibly be considered wise to let your children die from ensuing health problems that you cannot treat because you don't have insurance? There is a line you have to draw.


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