Sunday, May 29, 2005


As cyberspace is evolving, so are it's users. Today, after reading "weblogs" or "blogs" for the past two months, I have decided to join the masses of people who decide to publish their thoughts online.

If you are familiar with me then you are probably familiar with my big mouth when it comes to politics and my views upon them. In the past week I have published three major thesis that I feel are an important read for anyone that is still getting their news from TV; ANY TV source.

Since I've got way too much time on my hands and and infinite source of information as well as above average literary skills, I've chosen to break into this realm of posting my thoughts for sake of giving me something useful to do with my time and another way to kill time when I'm hung up with no work to do.

Since my heart condition has worsened over the past year, I felt it necessary to find another reason to kill my extra time since I will be confined to my home more often. I appreciate all the support of the people that have supported me emotionally along the way and especially those that made time to come visit me during my hospital visits.

As I stated earlier, I will be posting some of my political diatribe in addition to whatever strikes my mind while I sit around finished with my research or work and feeling "bored". I welcome your reply but ONLY ask that if you choose to engage in debate or rebut my opinions that I've based on actual facts, that you comprise your opinion equally. Quoting Opionion and Editorial sites for facts will not warrant any tasteful reply from me. Fox/NBC/CBS/ABC are questionable sources as it is.

So! Enjoy yourself, get a laugh or two and, ya'll come on back now, ya hear?

Tony B.


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