Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Flip Flop... Shim, SHAM

What a joke. A complete joke. Truly convinced that the Bush Administration is only out for their political gain before today, it was again verified by another headline of the White House failing to admit they were wrong by standing behind their prior stance of protecting human life all the while sending people off to die in an illegal war and veto anything that could possibly help out humanity scientifically such as Stem Cell Research. Hypocrites!

Here is a link.

The Bush camp absolutely demolished John Kerry with deception and boldface lies. Flip-Flopping? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There have been more flip flops in the last 5 years with Bush than I care to count. He ruined, stole and, destroyed the fairness in the electoral process and I hope that Diebold and the rest of the Bush crew all go to hell for this shortly after they're impeached.

Well, the days are finally here. Hoping day after day, sitting, watching patiently; The Downing Street Memo has been covered on a majority of Mainstream media, this event literally gave chills down my spine. Justice starting to show shades of true color in America?

The regime has begun to show signs of Nazism. There are Congressmen that would like to repeal the 22nd amendment. There are certain republicans that are calling for certain types of people wear certain colors to show their certain persuasions.

Call me an extremist, I dare you :)

The days of Liberal democrats are over, as far as I've seen, they're all swinging at the plate for their favorite lobby. Howard Dean was recently crucified by VP Cheney for telling people that 'republicans are a bunch of rich white Christians', Cheney responded by telling people that Dean isn't liked by anyone except (maybe) his mother... I shit you not, he really said that.... Anyway, Howard Dean has been re-elected 5 times and has been unanimously elected. So, numerous democrats were caught shying away from Dean because of his critical comments of republicans; one of which I feel deserves honorable mention for her recent actions at an AIPAC conference where she was caught saluting the Israeli flag, Nancy Pelosi.

Does anyone really still believe the shiat that is coming out of any politicians mouths these days? Maybe Rep. John Conyers can restore some faith in Americans to their Government tomorrow by filing the articles of impeachment along with his request to have the scumbags on the hill explain what the DSM is all about.

Watch CSPAN tomorrow! Maybe they won't shove him off the floor like they did to John F. Kerry.

I'm pissed, why aren't you? :)


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