Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Incestual Rape of a Country

Since election theft is so prominent in the world today and, it's obvious that we are no longer really going to elect our leaders and the guise of an election day will be the set dates and time for regime changes. In an Associated Press Article printed yesterday, George H. W. Bush called on one of his other sons (Jeb) to run for the presidencial office.

I will admit that Jeb does seem to have more of a brain than his half-witted warmongering brother, as a Florida Resident. The problem is, he's still a Bush. This family has done little to nothing to improve the quality of life amongst Americans and both have led our country into financial strife/recessions. Daddy runs the whole operation along with AIPAC anyway.

If anyone out there still believes that he actually won the race in 2000 and really thinks that there was no evidence of serious voter fraud committed in order to obtain a position in the WH or in 2004 [to keep it]; I urge you to do your research on the amount of voter fraud that is currently being investigated in Ohio and still ongoing investigations in Florida.

Someone please impeach this guy.

In other news, Fox News Channel FINALLY mentioned the Downing Street Memo and called it an Internet rumor although, not one person in either government has denied the authenticity of this memo. What is fair and balanced about that? Noting the memo has existance in some fashion or another, then discrediting it is considered balance? Well since FNC admits their bias publicly, we can easily say that they've done this in interest of the presidential agenda and that the Downing Street memo obviously doesn't conform to the agenda.

Ok, everyone, out loud: P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A.

The mystery of "Deep Throat" was solved yesterday when Felt came out of the closet about being J. Edgar Hoover's secret gay lover, oops, I mean the number 2 man in the FBI reporting to The Post and, my favorite part, CNN reports today that the names assigned in this operation were of an intentional sexual nature. Yes, CNN said that Felt was named "Deep Throat" which is a common technique used in the practice of fallatio where the entire shaft of the penis is inserted into the depths of the throat to ensure full mouth contact and adds the possibility of additional simulaneous tongue stimulation on the scrotal area during the act. Classic.

Number 2 huh? I wonder if that means that he was taking it in the pooper from J. Edgar Hoover. They seem to be using that statement "number 2" a lot :) Just kidding

Speaking of homosexuality, can anyone tell me why Gannon (gay male escort, also WH press corps) was spending nights at the WH. Since god speaks to Bush, don't you think he'd tell him that he hates fags?

My scrutiny of Christianity has come under question recently and I thought that I might clarify my views. I am not an anti-Semite, I am not anti-god (whatever you wanna call that). I just like mocking the bullshit that comes out of the WH and the Press' mouth cause it's so f'in funny to hear that "god speaks to him". If he's hearing voices of hate and punishment in his head, he's either crazy or worshipping a different God. Scaring people using religion and joining the church and state organizations is being shunned all over the world, even amongst REAL Christians that don't function within the likes of 'Dubya or Jerry Falwell that tell us that WOMEN are the reason why 9/11 happened. Holy crap. This guy must be gay too! Dammit man, God told Bush, he hates fags, they talk a lot, Georgie shoulda told him.


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