Thursday, June 16, 2005

To MSNBC and any media..

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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi....

As reported on YOUR website years ago this man is dead. I don't understand which way that MSNBC failed here; lack of investigative journalism (send somebody to Iraq to find him themselves) or just realize that he really is dead and that the administration is using the image of this dead man as a weapon of mass distraction.

Guantanamo closed? I find it preposterous that your network is continuing to stand by and watch as America continuously violates laws of the Geneva Conventions and stands behind a president that started an illegal war. Your lackluster performance in investigative journalism leaves me in awe. I guess it's your fault after all, you helped the President push the war.

You know, even Fox News Channel reported on the possible missing links of al-Queda regarding the 9/11 terror attacks. The journalististic irresponsibility that you have displayed leaves me to believe that you are deeply involved with AIPAC and PNAC.

I am watching your network just as I wait to see how exactly you'll botch the next story by going back on your old words or failing to do your own journalism and just buying the pre-paid garbage that the White House is spinning for you.

Have you no souls? Do you not realize the damage that you are doing? Americans less educated than most of what you call the "blogosphere" are believing the sputum that you produce every day. All the while they'll send your distant family members off cause you helped neo-cons push their agenda.

In light of being reasonable, I am not a Nielsen Family and my focus on your advertisements is just to see how much support you are getting from what companies and just to see where exactly your money is coming from to spew these injustice of the American people being committed in the name of our country, not YOURS!



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Hell yea brother preach it

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