Friday, June 17, 2005


A reader on a blog I read posted the "Reader" part.. see my comments below in "Me"

READER: So, while the CNN poll is showing that 94% of respondents believe that Bush lied to Americans to get us to support his attack on Iraq, and while the Downing Street memo clearly shows what Bush did, there was an author named Timmerman on The Daily Show tonight who has written a book in which he describes how (wait for it folks.......) Osama Bin Laden and Osama's son plotted with the IRANIAN government to attack the World Trade Center on 911. I kid you not!! This buffoon sat there promoting the same tripe that Bush is about to hang for.

What planet are these war mongers on?

Blogger: And how much did Stewert sell out for?

Me: Not only has he sold out, he knows he has sold out. You can tell he is beginning to shrug off some of these interviewee's with a off-color questions and is cutting them off in the middle of their B.S. to ask another question. Tonight's episode of "The Daily Show" was good until you got up to that "Nazi" stuff on the middle segment. Comparing people in our gov't to Hitler has not been that bad of an idea so far. The current regime is well on thier way to being "that bad".

Whoever that tool was on the show tonight was pushing garbage like: "the people in Iraq didn't hate Saddam like the people in Iran hate the Hesbollah's". Well, I'm sorry but if that's not the biggest pile of steaming shiat that I've ever heard, I'd have to think of another one. The Bush regime is now trying to say (to down-play the DSM) that Saddam was a BAD man. These chickenhawks just can't make up their mind anymore. Either that or, they REALLY believe Americans are that stupid or maybe it's the "Jon Stewart Demographic". At any rate, I feel personally insulted and have every plan to find the proper email addresses at Comedy Central to let them know [as well as their advertisers].

The best part of that show had to be when he talked about Sensenbrenner's complete childish behavior, those people needed to testify and were not given a chance to finish their sentences. Unfortunately he hasn't broken any laws yet, maybe "gavel theft"? Whatever it takes, he should be brought up on charges of just plain being an asshole.


At Friday, June 17, 2005 2:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charge Sensenbrenner for being an obese fascist.

At Friday, June 17, 2005 9:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really am going to dance in the street when George W. Bush commits suicide.

At Friday, June 17, 2005 9:14:00 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Thats too bad I used to watch the Daily show....but I refuse to watch it anymore...especially when the guests are in favor of the "rich getting richer and the poor becoming cannon fodder"
Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me

At Friday, June 17, 2005 10:43:00 PM, Anonymous 2 LEGS BETTER said...

Oh come on ! John Stewart is no sellout. Do you really think the Daily Show audience is so dumb that they need John to look at the camera and scream everytime some wanker like this Timmerman guy opens his mouth? All he does with "guests", that get interview time of no more than 10 minutes, is ask questions and let them respond. It was OBVIOUS that Timmerman is a nut job, just by letting the guy make his own answers.
The Daily Show is still the best show on tv.

At Saturday, June 18, 2005 8:50:00 AM, Anonymous karena said...

Thank you for posting this. Another sell-out is Bill Maher who has repeated on his own show and in interviews that "Maybe this Iraq democracy thing was not a bad idea after all. I mean, maybe this is going to work."

At Monday, July 04, 2005 8:18:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Maybe this Iraq democracy thing was not a bad idea after all. I mean, maybe this is going to work."

Perhaps it was sarcasm?

Any time large piles of money become involved, a mans POV can be swayed.

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