Saturday, June 04, 2005

Upstream Media 1, Mainstream Media 0

Well, it seems that the Downing Street Memo is finally hitting the press and is beginning to really shake things up. Just reading on Yahoo, I found out Congress is considering impeachment of the President.

This story is becoming more widespread by the day and is beginning to have an impact that I personally believe will rattle the world and change the world. As I'm sure you know, it'll take an act of god to really bring this president down but, thanks to some other laws in this country and the congressmen who broke those laws, we can impeach them too.

11/1/2005: Today the President and 20 members of Congress were impeached and convicted on high crimes, war crimes and, just plain being assholes. Tom DeLay was heard through the glass in the death chamber saying "They said this would never happen" as he was crying and weeping like a little girl. In other news, democrats still can't manage to find their ball-sack or testicles.

Some interesting news has surfaced over the last few days about a UN stockpile disappearing in Iraq. I personally think that the story was partially fabricated and that it's possible that these are the weapons that were found. Wow, amazingly enough, some weapons and supplies were lost and a miraculous find by the military surfaces stockpiles in a different place. Does the gov't REALLY think we are that stupid? JEEZUS.

Some more news for you critics. Israel *IS* spying on the USA. Even Fox News Channel said it. Oh ya, just a few days ago, wasn't I saying something about how 9/11 and Israelis were involved?? That video is quite old, not like the "truth" ever dies anyway.

John Bolton is a criminal. The WH keeps stalling on the documents that the Democrats want because (as sources say) there is incriminating evidence within these documents that links him to several unsavory companies previously indicted. Remember Enron? Ya, that kinda Bush-Enron link that is inescapable; other than just burying or destroying these documents.

Bush doesn't care. When asked about what he's thinking about the troops abroad, ""You know, I don't worry all that much, frankly. ... I've got peace of mind." What the hell is this man thinking? Has he no conscience? What a Sociopath.

So, I'm not jumping on anybody's bandwagon about this but it seems that it's common practice in the WH to have naysayers murdered.

WATKINS: OK. Secretary Eagleburger, this is the million dollar question. I mean, folks have been waiting for three decades to know who Deep Throat was or is. Is Mark Felt, in your opinion, Deep Throat?


WATKINS: Do you think he's Deep Throat?

EAGLEBURGER: Probably. You know, President Nixon once suspected him. I'm surprised he didn't end up dead somewhere because of that. But nevertheless, I think he did suspect it. I think, if you think about it now, it is at least very likely.

Nice, Eh???

That's all for today.


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