Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More Anti-Anti NOTHING

I understand that it's the Jews. The point is that there really is no point in exuding hatred or disgust for a race that is going to throw it back at us.

I believe it was posted on another "blog" about how McCarthyism is coming back.. Fight the war then you're already losing. Am I supporting apathy? NO! I'm supporting the teachings of a great psychological warrior, Sun Tzu. If the Republicans wanna play mind games with us, we shouldn't bite for it. "One-upmanship". Anyone that's manipulating you can be manipulated.

If you read "High Definition Lies" you'd see that I clearly pointed out to Mark Cuban that "being critical of Isreal is not anti-Semitic"

an·ti-Sem·ite (N)
1. One who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews.

How is being critical of Arabic/M.E. being critical of Jews or vice versa.

Anonymous said...
The second comment is rediculous. Why do people still think anti-semitism is only anti-israel/jew? This person's comment of 'arab chilren grow up/they could be bin laden's kids' is itself anti-semitic!This whole world is frustrating.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 1:45:40 PM
Anonymous said...
It's the Jews stupid

Variety and Encouragement

(See below for originating comments)

It's great that the sources that I've given the link to my blog have given me the chance to get exposure and, it's even better that people feel open to comment on a tiny little blog such as mine. I do appreciate it. There is one thing that I feel is important; open mind.

Brain dead? I'm sorry to say but last time I checked, It's reasonable to say that people, such as myself, enjoy an open thought process. Hate to disappoint the reader.

It's just as prejudicial of "us" that see through the Zionist lies as it is for people to make a statement like that. Don't get me wrong, I disagree with the whole Zionist protocol but, anyone to call me "Brain Dead" would be useless. The whole point of my letter to Mr. Cuban was to show that there are other ways to be open minded, not to crucify him for being a "jew" or even *worse*, Zionist.

I feel that people that don't know a person at an intimate (no, not sex, you perverts :) ) level has no right to make judgment of their views.

As much disgust as I feel about Cuban being a lobbyist and whore for the repugs, It's still important to remember that there is a line that you will cross at a certain time of your life to compromise your values and after you cross that line, you might discover that you made the right decision. I hope the same for Mr. Cuban.

All I have to say after that.... FLY THE FLAG UPSIDE DOWN

Anonymous said...
You are so brain dead. What do you expect? Mark Cuban is not only a big contributor to Bush and the Republicans, he a Jew and a rabid Zionist Jew at that. He gives heavily to AIPAC and has given heavily to Pepes in his campaign to censor discussion of the Palestinian issue at American Universities and shut up Professors who attempt unbiased discussion of Middle Eastern issues.Cripes such naive jerks at this blog!
Monday, July 04, 2005 10:57:43 AM
Anonymous said...
u all seem anti-semitic! so some guy is a jew! is steven spielberg a zionist?and arab children grow up! they could e bin laden's kids!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

High Definition Lies

Below is a copy of a recent email I sent to Mark Cuban, owner of NBA franchise "Dallas Mavericks" and President and C.E.O. HDNet a network dedicated to advancement of the High Definition medium and overall, someone I greatly repect. I hate the fact that my first email to him had to be scornful. He actually is one of the few multi-billionaire CEO's left that still care enough to leave their REAL email address on the corporate website. Please feel free to share this post with all your "HD" Friends.


Dear Mr. Mark Cuban,

I would first like to take a moment to say that I appreciate what you have done for the High Definition 'HD' community and the many ways you have contributed to help the movement of this medium into the future.

As I sat to watch the Much Music Awards on July 3rd during a "commercial break", I saw a preview for HDNet news that I found VERY disturbing and, as a paying subscriber I feel the need to inform you of the grave injustice done by the staff at your network by putting segments of terrorists and guns next to Arabic children in prayer. I find this advertisement to be offensive, and if it makes any difference, I'm a white American male with no Muslim background at all.

Just in case you aren't aware, there is a lot left to be said about the war in Iraq and, for many years the constant prejudice by the "Mainstream Media" has done nothing but vilify Arabs and most anyone of Middle Eastern dissent. I was glad to see that HDNet mostly stayed away from bias in it's reporting and am sad to see that is no longer the truth. Since you find it just as justifiable to cover the "terrorists" your advertisement specifically implies. It would be reasonable to send your reporters to Mr. Conyers office or to the internet to read of the grave injustices that led our country to war. Any decent and ethically unbiased reporter could find that the administration running this country is guilty of high crimes. As Karl Rove is probably going to be indicted over his leaks and "Plamegate" develops even further with investigations or, authenticity of documents that were forged to get the country to agree to the war or, "Yellow Cake" lies.

There are also several other people you could vilify that would help remove some prejudice of Arabic/Middle Eastern/Muslims. You might want to start a documentary about how many Israelis died in comparison to Palestinians. Their home-land is being pulled out from under them by a fascist and Zionist ruler, Ariel Sharon. There is a lot left to be said about this and, some fair reporting on your behalf to help Americans understand that "being critical of the state of Israel is not anti-Semitic". It might add fuel to your fire when your affluent (non-Jew) viewers hear Mr. Sharon saying things like "The Jews run America and the Americans know it" to Mr. Peres.

I clearly understand that your viewing audience most likely a bit more affluent than the rest of the networks and that is very plausible that people getting their news from other cable/satellite sources (Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC) are not as educated as most of the "Rich White Republican Male". Hey, you didn't make four billion dollars on Broadcast.com by being stupid, ignorant or arrogant. As George Steinbrenner is misunderstood many times, I feel the same about you. I also understand that you've got relationships with several cable companies and major satellite providers and must maintain a certain amount of "bullshit" to keep them happy and that it's a good chance the government would discredit anything you say and Mainstream Media would destroy you more. Didn't seem to scare you last time. :)

The side that most America sees of you is what ESPN shows about your fines and your comments like the one about Kobe's case being fuel to the fire for the sport and would draw publicity and overall could possibly help the sport in some way. I wholeheartedly agreed with you. Dan Patrick is dead set on smearing your reputation like a bad stain in the toilet and he's the worst sports reporter that ESPN has.

I would suffice it to say that you are an educated man and you have knowledge of the fact that not ALL Arabs or Middle Easterners are criminals or terrorists. Why your programming department decided to edit a clip together showed in sequence terrorist activity -> arab children praying -> militants shooting RPG's -> more Iranians -> US troops shooting at these people, is WELL beyond my scope of understanding. Vilifying Arabic children in prayer is HORRIFIC. I hope that you can understand how prejudice this propaganda is and it's a good part of the reason why these people cannot stand our way of life. We dehumanize, criminalize or just plain vilify them. Just think of what Black people have to deal with and magnify that ad infinitum. The hatred of Muslims in America is revolting and the word prejudice is barely substantial enough to explain it. Most reasonably educated people learn more about people before passing judgement on them and, the press is not the source to do that. However, the majority of America wants to hope that the lies are true as they live in "politically correct" bubbles and hope that they can get through their day without problems while they swallow the spoonfed pre-spun news and shove themselves full of food at the dinner table nightly; Totally ignoring what might be happening behind the scenes.

FX Network - 30 Days: "Q: What do you think a terrorist looks like", "A: I dunno, probably some guy with a towel over his head, maybe brown skin" or "Q: If you were on a plane and you had a 'aRAB' sitting next to you, what would you do" "A: I would be very nervous and fear for my life".

My comment about that show is of little relevance. For the record, I was generally unhappy that they chose who they did for the "experiment" and, the spin throughout most of the show was repulsive. Wouldn't expect much more out of Rupert and that's drama in reality programming for ya.

Why don't you do the right thing and stop pushing this propaganda and start telling the truth. As I said before, you're known well to the world for speaking out against things you don't like and sometimes it has cost you viewers or even fans and season ticket sales. The numbers/polls that are reported to you about how effective your statements are at "pissing people off" or alienating your fans in some fashion or another should be irrelevant. The truth is more powerful than the spin and, if you take the time to report about things that are corrupt now, the blame will not have to blanket "Everyone in the media" for selling lies to us.

Some interesting subject matter is out there that "Mainstream" is staying away from. Please help see to it that your reporters do their best to cover domestic issues such as hatred, governmental lies, just as fairly as you choose to vilify young Arabic children with insinuations and bias in your reporting and advertising.

Since your network doesn't really have many advertisers, I cannot boycott, nor would I. It's sophomoric to say that you won't use something cause they advertise on a certain network. I can however discontinue my viewership of your HDNet news programming and wholeheartedly plan on doing so and will not rejoin your viewer-ship of news segments until your advertising reports that you have changed the ways of your network. If I want spin I'll turn on CNN and watch the same nonsense they spin about the same useless story.

I really had hoped that you wouldn't get too mixed up in politics with your network since you are a well respected member of a mostly unbiased forum (AVS) and contribute very positively to the HD community. I understand that there is a certain amount of rhetoric that Mainstream America needs to hear to keep the fear and hatred alive forsaking any new or open ideas, however, this is just over the top. You've lobbied the government for the digital transition now I fear the thought you might have gotten sucked into the black hole of governmental lobbying.