Thursday, October 20, 2005

The hands that DON'T feed.

Read this first

Why, Why.. Why can't we all just get along a little better to help each other realize that there really ARE two sides to every story, maybe even more?

Republicans can do nothing better than name calling and say that liberals are bleeding hearts and commies or whatever else they can come up with.

Republicans think THEIR WAY is the only way.

Not to say there isn't a lot of corruption in both parties but we could be looking at the most amount of corruption in high-government level, possibly, EVER; most of it is by the Republicans.

I personally would like to see the ENTIRE White House indicted for war crimes and stand at a trial similar to Nourembourg.

If we don't get these scumbags out of office soon, we could be looking at WWIII. They've already got America thinking like the Nazi's did in Germany about Jews. This time it's the other way around, We, America are Jews (in the world, and words of Ariel Sharon), we are being trained to hate and discriminate all people of Muslim dissent (i.e. ragheads). We are using our wars to persecute a single race. I do believe this is called genocide. Get a grip. The Bush White house is no better than Hitler, I say worse. He's using religion and all sorts of mind-control procedure to brainwash Americans to think that Muslims are the ones that are the real problem.

Remember, the the insurgents are attacking Americans in Iraq because of our illegal occupation of their country.

It's not illegal, you say? Why are there indictments about ready to be released, indicting several people for exposing Valerie Plame? What was Valerie Plame about to blow-out? There was no Yellow Cake in Iraq purchased from Niger. There were no "WMD's" in Iraq.

Saddam's trial is a joke. Any research done would expose that America gave Saddam our blessing to gas those people. He committed those acts of atrocity with our blessing, even AFTER the Kuwait war. I guess that means we should be tried for those crimes too.

Shoving all this religion in our face is to help exploit the Christian discourse for Muslims. Christian's don't believe that the Islamic faith has any merit and that they are in some way creating a war against America (fatwah). We created the war and they are doing what they can to survive. Genocidally extinguishing the whole race is just plain wrong. Christians and Jews are tearing a hole in the fabric of free-religion. Something our democracy no longer seems to have a need for. I truly wonder when the concentration camps will open. I'm an athiest and would surely die for my right to keep it that way.

Religion is a disease. There is nothing in the history of this planet that has caused so many atrocities. No biological virus has caused anything this bad. Even the black plague disappeared after they burned the whole town down. We still kill in the name of religion.

Where is your god now?

Get real people, do some research.