Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Israel: Helping to kill your kids for decades...

Read this first

Why should the USA care about this useless addition to the globe?

They are no more our ally than Iran. They kill our soldiers by proxy, based on their parranoid delusions and desire for global domination by the zionist right wingers.

Fuck 'em. They've got tons of nukes, let them blow each other up. I'm sick and tired of seeing my tax dollars slipped to Isreal to build walls and breed terrorists in Iraq with the illegal war they got us involved in over there.

The whole Palestinian and Arab world (read: Muslims) hate America cause we are Israel's biatch and keep supplanting their behavior. They don't hate our freedoms, they hate who and what we stand for.

Americans are the ones accused of America "hating" for the most part. This unilateral move by the White House to turn anyone that is not 'totally for bush' is an America hater. Now, people that defend the constitution are being accused of America hating.

Sad and trying times for America.