Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

In this considerably accurate rendition of the Rwanda atrocities in 1993, Don Cheadle plays the hotel manager attempting to save his fellow citizens from the barbarity that lies just in front of the gates of his hotel.

This movie is just amazing, in my opinion.

Don Cheadle (Paul Rusesabagina) gives what I'd call an Academy Award winning performance, showing Americans just how bad things are in other countries than Iraq that need our assistance much more.

I am not often so moved by a movie, this one really did it to me.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Wrap up and rebuttal

Just my point of view on a friend's opinion, I just thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to rebut.

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Subject: More...

As agreed, we will leave this to email alone.. I've spent about 6 hours comprising this, something I'm quite passionate about, obviously.

>The only thing that scares me is people that think like you...Oh, by the way I read the entire speech given by Robert Murdoch, unlike you and all you've done is support my position that you don't know what your talking about...You need to find another agenda, this one just ain't making it.........T

It's just not apparent to me why people are so myopic. There is just no reason why they don't read between the lines. Bush ADMITTED to using propaganda. Murdoch SAID the press thinks people are stupid. Encompassed within his whole statement, those things tend to stick out. Buried within an entire speech about how he thinks Fox/NewsCorp needs to advance, he said it. Just like Bush said that he is pushing propaganda in his speech for Social Security.

Now, I'm sure you ask of yourself.. Why can't he just let this rest? or, What is his problem with Bush? or, maybe even, What's his problem overall?

I answer of you, there is too much apathy amongst the majority of America, to the point where we only answer amongst the lies which we are given and, devastatingly worse, defend them. All along the watchtower, people are seen turning away from major networks and their source of information for good cause. Censorship. GE/NBC, Viacom/CBS, Disney/ABC, look at their donations and their kick-back.

Am I a socialist or "pinko commie"? No. That's why I refuse to come down on large corporations for "making money". I didn't have enough time in my latest rant to include this statement; Corporations are what keeps middle and lower America alive, without them, there would be no homes or food. The abuse of that power is what I speak of. I strongly suggest you read the works of Adolph Hitler (Mien Kampf) or, a more modern book like "48 Laws of Power", both of these books encompass within 200 [or so] pages what it takes to gain a "power" that is so amazing that I could barely handle it myself.

To reiterate, "48 Laws" is a great book. You can easily see how things are used against you and how you've used things of your own to gain the "upper hand" in any given situation.

So, why do I compare the president to Hitler? I think the answer comes pretty easily... Abuse of power. If you chose to read between the lines, the president ADMITTED that he uses propaganda. The press ADMITTED that they think we're "20% less likely to make good decisions" a.k.a. (in Murdoch's translation) "Stupid". This strikes me as odd because he also said this attitude would be the downfall of anyone holding this opinion and ratings for Fox News Channel continue to plummet.

Why you choose to make the speech by each of these "leaders" a generality instead of taking it "point by point" is reasonable. It's also reasonable to say that when you have a sore thumb, no matter what happens in your day, you still know it's sore. It's a small part of your body but you still know that one part of you is upsetting the "situation".

America, as a whole, has been brought up to believe that we are the greatest, most sovereign nation, without doubt and, are crucified for holding any other opinion, or jailed, for that matter. When the lies that we have been lead to believe by the press are exposed by sources outside where we "usually" get our news from become exploited, as arrogant Americans with myopic views, we will not hold anything to truth except the lies than we were sold with ferocity by whores in the media like Anne Coulter. It is against human psychology to agree to anything than what we truly hold deep in our hearts and we fear to question that depth for fear of ruining our precious views and simple lives. I call it arrogance and there may be many other names for it; plain and simple we are all guilty of this, myself included. What makes me feel the need to expose these truths, you ask? If you were sold a LIE in the name of shedding your brother's blood, wouldn't you be pissed off? It's a fact, George Bush LIED to us to engage in the war. "Q One question for you both. Do you believe that there is a link between Saddam Hussein, a direct link, and the men who attacked on September the 11th?
THE PRESIDENT: I can't make that claim." and my personal favorite,

I must ask of you; where do you get your news from? Do you still employ the larger media conglomerates as your source? If so, have you not seen how they are slowly fading away while moving over for the greater press called the Internet? These are serious questions I pose to you in great concern. You think I'm full of it, but do not offer me any retort as to why or how. I have given my dissertations of all of the above and noted reliable sources (such as, the ones they actually came from) but all I have heard in reply, no offense, is a half witted rebuttal that only includes remarks of dismay. I entrust within your intellect that you will engage me in this rebuttal with more intellect than telling me that I don't know what I'm talking about. It's not childish to debate these kind of topics. It's our civic duty. Moreover, it's our responsibility: enladen in our constitution. We don't need to agree but, there is one thing that's for sure.... If you're gonna tell me that I don't have a clue, I URGE you to prove me wrong with statistics and fact as I have equally done for you.

I understand that you have heritage of the Jewish persuasion. I only ask that you rebut why the world is up in arms (literally, arms) over the Zionistic control of Israel, or prove to me that Rabin was not assassinated by Sharon's henchmen for his (Sharon) fear of the Oslo Accord. If the Zionistic control of regions is not apparent, WHY, WHY, WHY are people protesting it by kicking a Styrofoam replica of the Israeli flag in half protesting the Zionist movement and presence? It's said to be an extremist point of view that's not really valid, but still, it's not been proven by anyone that it's not really going on; that would be impossible. Why is it that when people speak against Zionists that it's considered anti-Semitic? I speak not of Jewish people, I speak of Zionists. Another thing I urge of you, find one program on television in which Judaism is not boasted. There is nothing wrong with the religion, or it's people. It's the people controlling these statements that concerns me. Why do we have AIPAC? Why not have something for N. Korea? they have more of a threat to us than Israel. Why does Bush coddle to Sharon? Why do both of them get booed out of every uncontrolled USA venue? Why do the settlers not have control of their own land? They are Jewish, they are in Israel, this boggles me constantly. Why were there Israeli shells found near the site of a mass murder in Syria? Why won't MOSSAD answer to anybody?

Once again, I speak not of Judaism but ONLY of Zionistic protocol. .. The diatribe of our leaders in rebutting the existence of this shitty organization is far from decent. Why must Americans feel as if everything that's not in mainstream be considered communistic or anti-Semitic?

Zionists, Christians, they're both shoving their lifestyle in our face with brute force. Appointment of activist judges to the Supreme Court, one simple example of where we are headed. I can't believe the demon-crats applauded this appointment. "You can have your judges, just let us have our filibuster" (Quote from unnamed) seems just about accurate to me. Some extremist shoved some propaganda in my face last night by taping a quote from the bible to my door (private property). My views on religion may seem somewhat harsh but, I don't think that you can quite balance out the greed and perverse nature of modern organized religion. Molestation? Jesus Christ?!?!? Anywhere? Anywhere? No wonder our president is leading us into propaganda and shoving religion up our ass so hard that we're green in the eyes with it; he's preparing us for Armageddon. Just the other day he was quoted saying that "Nuclear weaponry need NOT be a last resort". So just what *IS* the last resort?

>and what lie did he tell in that speech........if your attempting to compare Bush with Goebbel's, it don't wash. period

You're absolutely right. HE didn't tell a lie, he just said he's "catapulting the propaganda"

Propaganda: (n) information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

In this case, lies like the one stated above are his "cause". If you choose to disagree with the fact that these are lies and that "bad intelligence" was given, I refer you again to the "Downing Street Memo".

In closing; even though we have these discussions in email to remove the politic while we sit at the bar, I know that my statements have great effect in what you ultimately feel about me. These statements do comprise my structure but do not make me a bad person for speaking my mind. People have died for my freedom and you, yourself, have engaged in war for my freedoms. I am grateful for this but, also am spiteful towards a leader that is slowly dismantling our freedoms. Just yesterday a judge passed a law against parents from teaching their children certain religions in the state of Illinois. We must do our civic duty to ensure that the Bill of Rights and Constitution are upheld without sacrificing our freedoms. "When we sacrifice freedom for security, we will have neither" - Ben Franklin. I assure you, the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act was just a tester to see how much breathing room the government could have to violate the constitution.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Part 3

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda. " -George W. Bush 2005

Someone similar said something to this effect... "If you tell a big enough lie, and keep repeating it, people will actually come to believe it" Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda


Monday, May 23, 2005

Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Part 2

I just thought I might add this addendum.. The press DOES think you're an "stupid". The head of the biggest news corporation said it himself.. Yes, Rupert Murdoch good ole' Fox News Channel.

This came right off the website for NewsCorp.

"Studies show we’re in an odd position: we’re more trusted by the people who aren’t reading us. And when you ask journalists what they think about their readers, the picture grows darker. According to one recent study, the percentage of national journalists who have a great deal of confidence in the ability of the American public to make good decisions has declined by more than 20 points since 1999. Perhaps this reflects their personal politics and personal prejudices more than anything else, but it is disturbing.This is a polite way of saying that reporters and editors think their readers are stupid. In any business, such an attitude toward one’s customers would not be healthy. But in the newspaper business, where we rely on people to come back to us each day, it will be disastrous if not addressed". -Rupert Murdoch, 2005

No matter how much he addresses the problem, the damage is done. They already took people for fools.

Tonight, NBC News covered ONE of the stories I mentioned and didn't bother putting any facts into it. Just political spin about why she (Laura) was there. No mention of the president getting booed out of the Michigan college, no mention of the 10 dead Iraqi politicians shot by US forces, no mention of Bush basically giving Karzai the "finger" and telling him that there is no way in hell that he's gonna get control over any US troops. And of course, no mention of abuse of prisoners and certainly wouldn't bother talking about constitutional infringements or the downing street memo.

Democracy at work??? PUH-LEAZE

No wonder why the Pope John Paul II called Americans "Soulless cash warmongering whores".

Reading an interesting article from an unnamed source, I felt it necessary to add a couple quotes from them here...

- "To achieve popularity, America's corporate-controlled media censor legitimate and detailed news stories in favor of sensationalistic and superficial tripe. Although a celebrity in America cannot have flatulence without an army of reporters analyzing the smell, corporate-controlled news media, to avoid being "controversial," incessantly ignore topics that could actually educate or enlighten."

- "The censorship practiced by corporate-controlled media has helped them build entire "news" networks upon great lies-that coverage is "fair and balanced," that it should be "trusted," or, perhaps the greatest lie of all, that the drivel disseminated deserves to qualify as "news."

- "The final, and most powerful, "P" driving corporate-controlled news media is profit. In their pure form, however, these media are incompatible with standard theories of capitalism.
Capitalism contends that companies manufacturing and marketing similar products will endeavor to improve those products to gain an advantage over their competitors, which, in turn, benefits consumers."

- "For the reasons mentioned above, the hands of America's corporate-controlled news media are now dripping with the blood of those sacrificed in a war promoted and exploited for ratings and profit. May this blood that has been shed for their greed never wash clean, lest we forget how easily corruption, avarice and deceit can usurp democracy, blacken the hearts of humanity, and destroy the soul of a nation."
Ok, I think I've said my piece and so has the media said their own piece..
PS. CNN just dropped his approval rating down to 46%, getting closer to the truth...
(note the lack of reporting margin error on his overall approval rating in the current poll without making mindless drivel about how it was "formulated".)


Opinions for the week of 5/23 - Part 1

It's about that time again. Politics are running dirty as the East River in NYC and the flow is getting dirtier than a Saigon Whore on New Years eve...

Has anyone seen this guy Tom DeLay? I felt like getting in the shower after I heard about some of what he's done. Other than getting his hands on casinos, bribes and free plane tickets, etc... He also has his hand very deeply in the committee for NASA's watchdogs and is doing his best to make sure that the money that is supposed to be spent at NASA is getting diverted to fund the war in Iraq.

Have you ever heard of a "blog" or a "weblog"? (You're reading one now) These weblogs created by journalists across the world have begun to take over as people's main source of news for reasons like ABC deciding that the Iraq war is no longer newsworthy and they're not going to cover it when they don't have to. Watching CBS's "60 Minutes" program last Sunday night, they covered gang violence in California prisons, "On Bullsh*t" a book about how there is so much B.S. around us and people are taking the wrong sources of information to heart.

I found this to be quite ironic as CBS was blaming itself for covering what THEY called BS and how other media outlets cover stuff that is basically bullshit. Basically the psychological effect of this is that CBS becomes the sacrificial lamb pointing out their downfalls about how they spread bullshit all the time and then turned it into an advertisement for their network at the same time because they were the ones pointing out the fact that all the others are bullshitting them too and CBS being the first to cover this piece of literature in this way puts them above all others. Sadly enough, that's the trained psychological reaction.

Something made my skin crawl that Sunday night as there has been a piece of intelligence floating around that basically got leaked about how the President massaged documents to help us engage in the Iraq war and gave Britain more reason to participate along with us. CBS didn't cover this AT ALL. This is one of those kinds of news stories that gets shoved to page 13 in your newspapers and the importance of the story is curtailed and people that stick to "mainstream media" end up not seeing just how important these news stories are.

This particular news story has been the "talk of the town" on just about EVERY blog and is blowing up all over the internet. What does the story really mean though? Well, first of all, it means that the war we are engaged in Iraq is based on a lie. The intelligence that was given was massaged by high level officials in OUR government. Secondly, it means that your tax dollars are being wasted and your kids are being sent to die in an illegal war. $5 BILLION A MONTH..

So why do they need to get John Bolton in the U.N. so fast? Israel seems to think that Iran is close to the "Point of no return" however there is absolutely no evidence that Iran is perusing it's Nuclear Proliferation project for use in weaponry. What do you get when you put a hard line reformist in the UN, given bad information about Iran and the possibility of Nuclear weapons? War... Shortly after Bolton is confirmed there have been MANY sources reporting that war with Iran is imminent.

The problem here is that Americans have turned a blind-eye to all this corruption. Psychologically, many Americans still feel pretty "burned" over what happened on September 11, 2001. The president may have gotten SOME loyalty of citizens out of this but is losing it VERY fast, his approval rating is at an all time (for him) and 12 year low.

There is a whole plethora of people to blame for selling us this "bullshit" but you have to start with the mainstream media. They have held back on the president by "softballing" him with easy questions, bought the pre-produced news reports that the White House is putting out and it's pretty obvious of that by watching CNN/Fox/MSNBC and on and on... They're all turning into another MTV. Nothing but a waste of airtime. They might as well start airing our news "Entertainment Tonight" style, if ya ask me, ABC is ready to start doing that soon anyway.

Newsweek folded under pressure last week about a story they printed in which the Qu'ran was desecrated in a Guantanimo Bay prison facility where the item was defaced and placed in the toilet as well as flushing it in the toilet. After Muslims got so pissed at us the WH made them retract this newsworthy story saying it "wasn't true"... Odd, what do you call this? ... Newsweek obviously destroyed any credibility they had left with people that took the time to research this more "in-depth".

Fox News Channel ratings are plummeting (if anybody cares); 1.4 million before the war to 504,000 as of this month. I guess people are getting sick of getting lied to and MAYBE some of the republicans out there care that Jeff Gannon had ties to Fox News Channel and since most of the republicans I know are slightly bigoted, they wouldn't want a homosexual in their 'group'. By the way, that's the fastest viewer-ship drop-off in cable TV news history.

Apathy.. I was recently admitted to the hospital for heart complications. By the last 3 days of being in there, they were trying to shove ANTI-DEPRESSANTS down my throat. My doctor refused to bargain with my issue of anxiety and treating it with an anti-anxiety pill, he stormed out of my room like a little kid because I wouldn't take Zoloft or one of the other pills that he's getting kickbacks on.. Mind you, again, I was in the hospital for a heart problem. At any rate, my point is they're giving out these anti-depressants to people that don't need them and the world is getting doped up on these pills and they just don't give a crap anymore. No, it's not a conspiracy, just ask around, find out how many people you know that take them. It's not just the Anti-depressants that are effecting the life of humans in our culture... The "Magic Bullet" syndrome has taken over so vastly that people are just finding it easier to take the short way out instead of fixing the real problem. Indicative of pure laziness within the masses. ( - See "Pharmaceutical facts" halfway down the page)

Just a note: McDonalds and PepsiCo EACH spend this much money advertising and America got fatter and Diabetes is "running out of control".

Inflation? In the time that 'Dubya has been in office, it's up 38%. YES, I said THIRTY EIGHT PERCENT.. The deficit is out of control and is spiraling dismally out of control. There was just a $38B war funding bill signed and it's just gonna get worse.. Like I said, $5B a MONTH. Where will it end? I say impeachment.

So, why won't the president be impeached?? Congress realized this lie after it was to late to do anything about it at their level without massive amounts of impeachments. Mainstream media won't push for anything like this as it's their fault for buying the lies that the president sold them pre-packaged for press and sold it to America like the newest and best thing since sliced bread. Basically this means that you can expect this corruption to escalate to heights that will rival that of the moon. The lies will continue to be sold to the press as the president feels fit to sell it to them, and congress will continue to address menial issues like "Terri Schaivo" and her right to die.Nonetheless, they don't seem to be interested in protecting our civil rights and the constitution of the united states (no caps for a reason)..

I was watching NBC Nightly news the other day as Tim Russert gave some new poll numbers on Bush. In comparison to a similar poll, NBC padded theirs by 6% to make Bush come out at 48%. For the record folks, the number *IS* 42%. My laughter begins when they optimistically lash out saying things like "Almost half the country is still behind him" Statistically, MORE than HALF the country is against him. even at their padded 48%. I now know why they stage those town hall meetings for him and don't let tax-paying protesters in; they boo him off the stage. Something like what happened this weekend ... Let's just nail it down to nuts and bolts, you can come up with all the polls you want to and change the results by change the demographic surroundings, it all boils down to two things. One, the president LIED. 2.) The president is NOT doing his job, representing the interests of his bosses, US!!! The president's boss is NOT big corporate USA although it seems that is who he's answering to these days..

In closing, I'd like to wish you the best of luck and hope that you won't allow your tax dollars to keep paying for things like this without learning more by doing more research and learning more about where your country is going. Day after day we ARE losing control of our democracy by not doing more to protect it and question our leaders to things like events that happened JUST THIS WEEKEND... Bush gets booed out of a school of CHRISTIAN LIBERAL ARTS for mixing politics and religion in his policies, Laura Bush got mobbed by Jews (NOT ZIONISTS) begging for the release of a prisoner illegally held, Afghani prisoners being tortured in Gitmo (where I'll be sent off to after writing this letter and sending it), 10 Iraqi officials "accidentally" being killed by US troops, a little girl being orphaned after speaking out against the president and HomeLndSec deporting her parents as punishment. This all happened IN ONE WEEKEND.. I urge someone to tell me what we've done in this world to balance for such acts of monstrosity on YOUR behalf. We are America..

Of course, this is just what I have to say, the facts speak for themselves. I urge you to put down the newspaper and the TV remote and step slowly over to a more reliable source for your news.... Ahh hell, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" (as said by US official during the recent WH plane scare)

Anonymously yours..... AB