Saturday, June 04, 2005

Upstream Media 1, Mainstream Media 0

Well, it seems that the Downing Street Memo is finally hitting the press and is beginning to really shake things up. Just reading on Yahoo, I found out Congress is considering impeachment of the President.

This story is becoming more widespread by the day and is beginning to have an impact that I personally believe will rattle the world and change the world. As I'm sure you know, it'll take an act of god to really bring this president down but, thanks to some other laws in this country and the congressmen who broke those laws, we can impeach them too.

11/1/2005: Today the President and 20 members of Congress were impeached and convicted on high crimes, war crimes and, just plain being assholes. Tom DeLay was heard through the glass in the death chamber saying "They said this would never happen" as he was crying and weeping like a little girl. In other news, democrats still can't manage to find their ball-sack or testicles.

Some interesting news has surfaced over the last few days about a UN stockpile disappearing in Iraq. I personally think that the story was partially fabricated and that it's possible that these are the weapons that were found. Wow, amazingly enough, some weapons and supplies were lost and a miraculous find by the military surfaces stockpiles in a different place. Does the gov't REALLY think we are that stupid? JEEZUS.

Some more news for you critics. Israel *IS* spying on the USA. Even Fox News Channel said it. Oh ya, just a few days ago, wasn't I saying something about how 9/11 and Israelis were involved?? That video is quite old, not like the "truth" ever dies anyway.

John Bolton is a criminal. The WH keeps stalling on the documents that the Democrats want because (as sources say) there is incriminating evidence within these documents that links him to several unsavory companies previously indicted. Remember Enron? Ya, that kinda Bush-Enron link that is inescapable; other than just burying or destroying these documents.

Bush doesn't care. When asked about what he's thinking about the troops abroad, ""You know, I don't worry all that much, frankly. ... I've got peace of mind." What the hell is this man thinking? Has he no conscience? What a Sociopath.

So, I'm not jumping on anybody's bandwagon about this but it seems that it's common practice in the WH to have naysayers murdered.

WATKINS: OK. Secretary Eagleburger, this is the million dollar question. I mean, folks have been waiting for three decades to know who Deep Throat was or is. Is Mark Felt, in your opinion, Deep Throat?


WATKINS: Do you think he's Deep Throat?

EAGLEBURGER: Probably. You know, President Nixon once suspected him. I'm surprised he didn't end up dead somewhere because of that. But nevertheless, I think he did suspect it. I think, if you think about it now, it is at least very likely.

Nice, Eh???

That's all for today.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Short day...

A second US Mainstream Media Source recognized the existance of the "Downing Street Memo" today.

I guess the Washinton Post is pissed about what the WH did to their sister publication "Newsweek".


"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are [a] few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid." - President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 11/8/54


Amdocs gets in deep doo-doo.


What the hell? A plant that I have my apartment died because of the rain.. Not Good

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Incestual Rape of a Country

Since election theft is so prominent in the world today and, it's obvious that we are no longer really going to elect our leaders and the guise of an election day will be the set dates and time for regime changes. In an Associated Press Article printed yesterday, George H. W. Bush called on one of his other sons (Jeb) to run for the presidencial office.

I will admit that Jeb does seem to have more of a brain than his half-witted warmongering brother, as a Florida Resident. The problem is, he's still a Bush. This family has done little to nothing to improve the quality of life amongst Americans and both have led our country into financial strife/recessions. Daddy runs the whole operation along with AIPAC anyway.

If anyone out there still believes that he actually won the race in 2000 and really thinks that there was no evidence of serious voter fraud committed in order to obtain a position in the WH or in 2004 [to keep it]; I urge you to do your research on the amount of voter fraud that is currently being investigated in Ohio and still ongoing investigations in Florida.

Someone please impeach this guy.

In other news, Fox News Channel FINALLY mentioned the Downing Street Memo and called it an Internet rumor although, not one person in either government has denied the authenticity of this memo. What is fair and balanced about that? Noting the memo has existance in some fashion or another, then discrediting it is considered balance? Well since FNC admits their bias publicly, we can easily say that they've done this in interest of the presidential agenda and that the Downing Street memo obviously doesn't conform to the agenda.

Ok, everyone, out loud: P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A.

The mystery of "Deep Throat" was solved yesterday when Felt came out of the closet about being J. Edgar Hoover's secret gay lover, oops, I mean the number 2 man in the FBI reporting to The Post and, my favorite part, CNN reports today that the names assigned in this operation were of an intentional sexual nature. Yes, CNN said that Felt was named "Deep Throat" which is a common technique used in the practice of fallatio where the entire shaft of the penis is inserted into the depths of the throat to ensure full mouth contact and adds the possibility of additional simulaneous tongue stimulation on the scrotal area during the act. Classic.

Number 2 huh? I wonder if that means that he was taking it in the pooper from J. Edgar Hoover. They seem to be using that statement "number 2" a lot :) Just kidding

Speaking of homosexuality, can anyone tell me why Gannon (gay male escort, also WH press corps) was spending nights at the WH. Since god speaks to Bush, don't you think he'd tell him that he hates fags?

My scrutiny of Christianity has come under question recently and I thought that I might clarify my views. I am not an anti-Semite, I am not anti-god (whatever you wanna call that). I just like mocking the bullshit that comes out of the WH and the Press' mouth cause it's so f'in funny to hear that "god speaks to him". If he's hearing voices of hate and punishment in his head, he's either crazy or worshipping a different God. Scaring people using religion and joining the church and state organizations is being shunned all over the world, even amongst REAL Christians that don't function within the likes of 'Dubya or Jerry Falwell that tell us that WOMEN are the reason why 9/11 happened. Holy crap. This guy must be gay too! Dammit man, God told Bush, he hates fags, they talk a lot, Georgie shoulda told him.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

9/11 Pilot Found Alive

Now, just how can a person be alive if everyone in the plane burned and died.


Someone PLEASE explain how this guy is alive after flying a plane into a building where there were no survivors

Some thoughts

Still doubtful that individualized journalism is becoming the new source for people with a half of a brain? MSNBC reported TWO YEARS ago that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was dead. Yet, the voices from the grave continue to surface as handed over to them by White House press secretary whores to read on your nightly news. Diminishing the words they spoke of two years ago with a story about him being dead with a "how we know that report was wrong" story is just more spoonfed bullshit that people like Ari Fleisher are regurgitating for public appeal.

Have you ever regurgitated your food? After it sits in your stomach being decomposed by the bile that your gall bladder creates, it tastes like shit, smells horrible and it erodes most anything it touches over time. Stomach acid is the equivalent of what Ari and 'Dubya are spitting out all over the people via the mainstream press.

Bin Laden is dead; died of Kidney failure in December of 2001. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the hills of Iraq two years ago by American fire as he failed to escape the scene of a bombing because of his wooden leg. These two ghosts make an appearance when it's convenient for the White House. He is not alive but somebody moved his gravesite to Iran so that he could be found dead over there instead of in Iraq.. In the meantime we'll have to nuke the shit outta Iran and make Israel more safe (aka America) "Israel, An American value" -AIPAC.

Americas second largest "investor" is a pro-Isreal lobby that has had numorous spies arrested in the past month for spying on the USA and typically is getting their false information about Iran having nukes and nearing the "point of no return". It's all a load of crap being sent to us in the name of a great holy land that's being RUINED by Zionist pigs that will stop nowhere short of complete domination of the middle east and America. What happens when you criticize them? You are flagged as an Anti-Semite. F*(k that. This organized Mafia is giving the White House bad information. Everything from Iraq's WMD's to the now fabricated evidence of Iran's nukes.

On the day the President declared war on Iraq for their impending threat against us, that was bull and I told everyone around me that same thing.

Repeat after me: There are no Nukes in Iran. Israel wants us to attack Iran and they are going to do whatever it takes to get us to invade.

Watching Hotel Rwanda again just made me think more deeply about this whole 'war on terrorism'. C'mon, they are cutting limbs off people in Africa, Kim Jong Il is a crazy bastard and actually does have 'nookular' power. Why we didn't invade these countries? They are of no financial interest to Israel nor are they a religious threat. Palestinians are being murdered in acts of Genocide. Being Muslim is NOT a crime nor did the dead CHILDREN know they were committing a crime by choosing to be Muslim.

So, another damaging report regarding Guantanimo Bay was released today and was completely ignored by Mainstream Media; People in other countries being sold to the Americans. On top of being unethical, I'm sure this is a high crime of some sort and obviously violates the Geneva Conventions. Who the hell does he think he is? God? I know God put Bush in the White House but damn, even God [being the punishing soul he is] (god hates fags),wouldn't sell people for political gains to spearhead a war against his adversary, Satan.

Day after day I gain increasingly more fearful that Americans really don't give a shit about what's happening and am especially fearful that it's too late to take our country back.

The facts are as follows:

  1. Bin Laden is DEAD
  2. Zarqawi is DEAD
  3. al-Qaida is a front for MOSSAD
  4. MOSSAD gave us the travesty of 9/11
  5. WTC 7 did not have any structural failure, they blew it up.
  6. The President didn't see the first plane strike the WTC. That video didn't surface for many many hours
  7. The president KNEW the attacks were to happen. Doncha think someone woulda dragged him off to a safer place IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting for him to finish reading about goats?
  8. The president needs to stand trial for war crimes and countries are being called on to apprehend him.
  9. The economy isn't as good as he says it is. Look at our deficit. Enough said
  10. This is NOT conspiracy theory, it is FACT

Ok, so prove me wrong. I am ready to read all the SOLID facts you can provide for me that say otherwise.

Oh ya, one last thing. Thanks to our lovely tyrant, Baghdad is more dangerous to live in today. I can't believe the press had the balls to cover that. They didn't mention a thing about our leader but I doubt they'd dare. If Saddam was such a ruthless dictator, why didn't the people oust him themselves? They're trying to oust the USA and slowly they're killing our brothers off. I assure you, the bloodshed as a result of this war is FAR greater than Saddam could do in a lifetime. This is a holy war for Israel and we're shoving our shit in their face with brute force, I peticularly liked the tank with a wrapper painted "New Testament" wrapped around the cannon of an American artillery tank.

"Philip Zelikow, who is now the executive director of the body set up to investigate the terrorist attacks on the US in September 2001 - the 9/11 commission - in which he suggests a prime motive for the invasion just over one year ago was to eliminate a threat to Israel, a staunch US ally in the Middle East. . . "

Q:"Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us?"

A: "I'll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 -- it's the threat against Israel"

Some more good reading

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The sexiness of war

A friend and I were having a discussion last night about the Real Estate market and the potential income that is possible to earn from investing in several RE plots at one time. After talking it through for a while; we came to the conclusion that if there were to be a major fall in the economy, based on new bankruptcy laws, it became evident that there were no recourse for defaulted mortgages and that people holding them would end up suffering a lifetime of debt.

The banks shoved their penis nice and far up Bush's ass while defecating all over the people, Bush had such an orgasm that he pissed all over the place (Constitution and Bill of Rights) and, Bank of America got so excited by Bush using his pen that he spewed their semen all over the people (bank fees). After that was over, the oil whores seen standing around got a piece of Bush and when THAT was over, the sex you smelled in air of the room had the stench of noxious fumes from exhaust and oil being burned around the world. America hasn't stopped smelling this or seeing it in action (the sex) for 5 years.. Bush's rectum was later seen bleeding black oil sludge, it's still undetermined if it was his own or that of Texaco, Shell, or Exxon; all which participated in the gang bang.

(It doesn't stop with the oil and bank pimps)

Now, I understand why this new bankruptcy law was signed. People are spending their money very irresponsibly and just declaring bankruptcy to clear it out and start all over again. That just won't do. Nor will the new bankruptcy laws help resolve any of the problems circulating around the exorbanant amount of spending people are doing or the damage they are doing to their credit. Sending jobs overseas is not helping our economy nor is it helping put money back in the pockets of Americans to pay their bills. Since health insurance is so out of control, spanning even further and is not likely to get any better. This money has to come from somewhere and when the taxpayers have been bled of ever dollar we shall see poverty like never before.

"People need to start spending more wisely" - George Bush

How can it possibly be considered wise to let your children die from ensuing health problems that you cannot treat because you don't have insurance? There is a line you have to draw.


As cyberspace is evolving, so are it's users. Today, after reading "weblogs" or "blogs" for the past two months, I have decided to join the masses of people who decide to publish their thoughts online.

If you are familiar with me then you are probably familiar with my big mouth when it comes to politics and my views upon them. In the past week I have published three major thesis that I feel are an important read for anyone that is still getting their news from TV; ANY TV source.

Since I've got way too much time on my hands and and infinite source of information as well as above average literary skills, I've chosen to break into this realm of posting my thoughts for sake of giving me something useful to do with my time and another way to kill time when I'm hung up with no work to do.

Since my heart condition has worsened over the past year, I felt it necessary to find another reason to kill my extra time since I will be confined to my home more often. I appreciate all the support of the people that have supported me emotionally along the way and especially those that made time to come visit me during my hospital visits.

As I stated earlier, I will be posting some of my political diatribe in addition to whatever strikes my mind while I sit around finished with my research or work and feeling "bored". I welcome your reply but ONLY ask that if you choose to engage in debate or rebut my opinions that I've based on actual facts, that you comprise your opinion equally. Quoting Opionion and Editorial sites for facts will not warrant any tasteful reply from me. Fox/NBC/CBS/ABC are questionable sources as it is.

So! Enjoy yourself, get a laugh or two and, ya'll come on back now, ya hear?

Tony B.