Friday, June 17, 2005


A reader on a blog I read posted the "Reader" part.. see my comments below in "Me"

READER: So, while the CNN poll is showing that 94% of respondents believe that Bush lied to Americans to get us to support his attack on Iraq, and while the Downing Street memo clearly shows what Bush did, there was an author named Timmerman on The Daily Show tonight who has written a book in which he describes how (wait for it folks.......) Osama Bin Laden and Osama's son plotted with the IRANIAN government to attack the World Trade Center on 911. I kid you not!! This buffoon sat there promoting the same tripe that Bush is about to hang for.

What planet are these war mongers on?

Blogger: And how much did Stewert sell out for?

Me: Not only has he sold out, he knows he has sold out. You can tell he is beginning to shrug off some of these interviewee's with a off-color questions and is cutting them off in the middle of their B.S. to ask another question. Tonight's episode of "The Daily Show" was good until you got up to that "Nazi" stuff on the middle segment. Comparing people in our gov't to Hitler has not been that bad of an idea so far. The current regime is well on thier way to being "that bad".

Whoever that tool was on the show tonight was pushing garbage like: "the people in Iraq didn't hate Saddam like the people in Iran hate the Hesbollah's". Well, I'm sorry but if that's not the biggest pile of steaming shiat that I've ever heard, I'd have to think of another one. The Bush regime is now trying to say (to down-play the DSM) that Saddam was a BAD man. These chickenhawks just can't make up their mind anymore. Either that or, they REALLY believe Americans are that stupid or maybe it's the "Jon Stewart Demographic". At any rate, I feel personally insulted and have every plan to find the proper email addresses at Comedy Central to let them know [as well as their advertisers].

The best part of that show had to be when he talked about Sensenbrenner's complete childish behavior, those people needed to testify and were not given a chance to finish their sentences. Unfortunately he hasn't broken any laws yet, maybe "gavel theft"? Whatever it takes, he should be brought up on charges of just plain being an asshole.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Two timing?

Well, today was a landmark day in Washington. The "Downing Street Memo" was finally introduced to the United States Congress by Rep. John Conyers. For the last month, I've been boasting this memo's validity into your email boxes. BUT!!!!!

If you haven't read it by now, you should...

Ok, so you are sick of me talking about "that damn memo"? Well, today after his cogressional hearing for a resolution of inquiry Rep. Conyers hand delivered the DSM and the inquiry to the west appointment gate at the White House who still refuses to acknowledge it properly. Cameras, protesters, press; they all showed up to document this historical movement.

Buried on CSPAN3, the hearing took about 3:06 overall and had a panel of experts and politicians that all took an oath in the beginning of the hearing. Inquiries ranged from simple questions to more complex questions that the panel was well prepared to answer. Calls for impeachment and accountability to be held on all members involved in this elaborate cover-up were not hidden. The meeting was held in what could easily have been considered a coat closet in the basement at the House of Representatives whilst all congressmen were shameful that the meeting had to be held in such a way.

There is my $.02, have a great day and get ready to see history!

To MSNBC and any media..

Put your name on this and send it in to the following email addresses: and CC it to the following advertisers email addresses:;;;


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi....

As reported on YOUR website years ago this man is dead. I don't understand which way that MSNBC failed here; lack of investigative journalism (send somebody to Iraq to find him themselves) or just realize that he really is dead and that the administration is using the image of this dead man as a weapon of mass distraction.

Guantanamo closed? I find it preposterous that your network is continuing to stand by and watch as America continuously violates laws of the Geneva Conventions and stands behind a president that started an illegal war. Your lackluster performance in investigative journalism leaves me in awe. I guess it's your fault after all, you helped the President push the war.

You know, even Fox News Channel reported on the possible missing links of al-Queda regarding the 9/11 terror attacks. The journalististic irresponsibility that you have displayed leaves me to believe that you are deeply involved with AIPAC and PNAC.

I am watching your network just as I wait to see how exactly you'll botch the next story by going back on your old words or failing to do your own journalism and just buying the pre-paid garbage that the White House is spinning for you.

Have you no souls? Do you not realize the damage that you are doing? Americans less educated than most of what you call the "blogosphere" are believing the sputum that you produce every day. All the while they'll send your distant family members off cause you helped neo-cons push their agenda.

In light of being reasonable, I am not a Nielsen Family and my focus on your advertisements is just to see how much support you are getting from what companies and just to see where exactly your money is coming from to spew these injustice of the American people being committed in the name of our country, not YOURS!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Flip Flop... Shim, SHAM

What a joke. A complete joke. Truly convinced that the Bush Administration is only out for their political gain before today, it was again verified by another headline of the White House failing to admit they were wrong by standing behind their prior stance of protecting human life all the while sending people off to die in an illegal war and veto anything that could possibly help out humanity scientifically such as Stem Cell Research. Hypocrites!

Here is a link.

The Bush camp absolutely demolished John Kerry with deception and boldface lies. Flip-Flopping? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There have been more flip flops in the last 5 years with Bush than I care to count. He ruined, stole and, destroyed the fairness in the electoral process and I hope that Diebold and the rest of the Bush crew all go to hell for this shortly after they're impeached.

Well, the days are finally here. Hoping day after day, sitting, watching patiently; The Downing Street Memo has been covered on a majority of Mainstream media, this event literally gave chills down my spine. Justice starting to show shades of true color in America?

The regime has begun to show signs of Nazism. There are Congressmen that would like to repeal the 22nd amendment. There are certain republicans that are calling for certain types of people wear certain colors to show their certain persuasions.

Call me an extremist, I dare you :)

The days of Liberal democrats are over, as far as I've seen, they're all swinging at the plate for their favorite lobby. Howard Dean was recently crucified by VP Cheney for telling people that 'republicans are a bunch of rich white Christians', Cheney responded by telling people that Dean isn't liked by anyone except (maybe) his mother... I shit you not, he really said that.... Anyway, Howard Dean has been re-elected 5 times and has been unanimously elected. So, numerous democrats were caught shying away from Dean because of his critical comments of republicans; one of which I feel deserves honorable mention for her recent actions at an AIPAC conference where she was caught saluting the Israeli flag, Nancy Pelosi.

Does anyone really still believe the shiat that is coming out of any politicians mouths these days? Maybe Rep. John Conyers can restore some faith in Americans to their Government tomorrow by filing the articles of impeachment along with his request to have the scumbags on the hill explain what the DSM is all about.

Watch CSPAN tomorrow! Maybe they won't shove him off the floor like they did to John F. Kerry.

I'm pissed, why aren't you? :)