Wednesday, November 30, 2005



The inaction that France has taken is hardly indicative they have been harboring terrorists. Their lack of interest was mainly due to the unilateral decision to go into Iraq based on false information that was manipulated so to convince the American people that Iraq was somehow involved in the events of September 11th, 2001.

Near the time when America was searching for countries to participate in the "Coalition of the Willing", we had a very difficult time doing so. I'm sure you remember, most countries throughout the European Union were not interested in helping. Americans have been quite sour toward the French since the years following World War II and the fact that the French didn't want to help was only snowballed by the hatred the press pundits helped proliferate.

The French deal closely with Niger, who held solid intelligence, there was never a sale of enriched uranium (Yellow Cake). The unilateral movement America & the UK were supposedly involved in, was based on false intelligence and a "dead-set need" to go to war. This was shown earlier this year in the "Downing Street Memo" , where Tony Blair and Bush engaged in a secret meeting several months before to tie Saddam into the falsehood that he possessed weapons of mass destruction. All of which, the French wanted no part of.

Quick note: The gassing of the Kurds after the Kuwait war in the early 90's was done with support from the USA. The rumor that he (Saddam) was torturing people in his country was a farce and hypocrisy.

Now, depending on how much you've followed the news lately, you may have heard about how Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been indicted for conspiracy charges due to his involvement in the CIA Leak case. This investigation stemmed from the outing of a covert CIA agent named "Valerie Plame" (covert name) or, Valerie Wilson (real name). Ms. Plame's husband was sent to Niger by members of the CIA to investigate the possibility that Iraq was buying enriched uranium (Yellow Cake) from their government. Mr. Joseph Wilson learned, not only was that a total fabrication, as informed by the Niger government officials, the documents he found in America were complete forgeries and are the same documents the president gave to Congress to get permission for the war.

Outing Ms. Wilson was a way to vindictively destroy her career and expose her, doing so also put her life at risk as well as many other Americans. This was done because Joe Wilson was about to 'sing' about how these documents were horribly doctored forgeries and falsehood.

A little research into the testimony of George Galloway (Ministry of Defense, UK) will show that he also knew about the existence of the premature plan to invade Iraq, and knew about the falsified evidence. In his case, the government smeared him by saying he was selling oil futures to Saddam Hussein.

In Short, the administration lied to congress to get us into this war. These are highly indictable war crimes.

Ok, so. A lot of people are saying that Iraq is better off without Saddam. As of last Wednesday, the interim prime minister of Iraq said that the country is no better off today than they were with Saddam in power. The torture rooms have changed hands, we now control them. We, as a country, have recently heard much about how Dick Cheney believes we should be allowed to torture and, most importantly, the pictures are there to prove that we have been torturing. One big problem with that, The Geneva Conventions.

With a little research into the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act (2001), you will see that Congress passed special laws that supersede the Geneva Conventions to allow our government to hold someone in custody without counsel or trial. Several other parts of this "act" are being abused on a daily basis to infringe on OUR freedoms. All to protect us from terrorists while terrorizing the people of our own country.

Just last week, America admitted to using it's own weapon of mass destruction against the people of Iraq, a weapon that sprays a white phosphorus chemical down from a more elevated structure (usually a helicopter), onto a widespread area. On contact with human skin this chemical sets the skin afire, an inextinguishable fire regardless of contact with extinguishing substances such as water, the chemical continues to burn and the person either burns to death or is permanently scarred, somewhat similar to Napalm (another WMD). Fine, some say. BUT!! I don't agree with it, more civilians got injured than 'Insurgents'.

Ok. So. Who really was involved with the terrorists that were responsible for 9/11, you ask?

Another indictment you may have also heard about recently was Tom DeLay (R-Texas). This monumental indictment ensued from the investigation of Mr. DeLay's bribes and pay-offs. One of the most corrupt of these payoffs came from a scam he had running with the Republican National Convention, he was allegedly laundering money and campaign contributions through there. The people involved with the "investing" in Mr. DeLay's causes are also involved with another ongoing investigation into massive corruption, murder and even worse, involvement in the 9/11 terrorist bombing.

Jack Abramoff has been implicated [by association] in the murder of the former restaurant/casino tycoon Gus Boulis, who was killed by members of the Gambino crime family gunned down in his car in Miami. (The whole story here). Mohammad Atta was seen cohorting with Jack Abramoff who is also involved with "Miami Subs" and "SunCruz" casino boats.

This corruption runs all the way into the Florida state government, this organization has a lack of necessary involvement with the gaming industry as to the tables nor machines on any boat are mandated with proper pay-out regulations; this negligence is unmatched by any other state gaming commission in the USA.

I could go on and on about this for hours with the amount of information I have gathered from looking at various Congressional bills and Presidential Executive orders but, I figured this would be a good starting point for you to understand more about who is catering the dinner parties for the terrorists and who gave them the pate. :)

So, it's my suggestion to keep your business out of all 'Miami Subs' restaurants and basically any Florida incorporated casino cruise. These are the people that are harboring the terrorists of today and those of 9/11, not the French.

These beliefs are a collection of my knowledge over the course of the years and are simply my opinion which is always debatable. However, I thought it might be necessary to cover a few things with you so that next time we engage in a political discussion we might have a more common ground or understanding.